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Hillary Clinton Bashes Melania Trump’s Be Best Campaign

by Sinisav

CNN – 03/16/2020: Donald Trump isn’t the only one who knows how to take a swipe at someone. Some of his rivals, who are often at his sight can take a hit and give one back. This is precisely what Hillary Clinton did. It’s just that she didn’t go in directly, but she instead choose to use Melania Trump to send a message to Donald.

Hillary Clinton is currently busy promoting a documentary that focuses on her political life. The documentary was done in cooperation with Hulu, and you can watch it on their platform.

Hillary Clinton

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While guesting at Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, she talked about the documentary and answered many questions. One of the questions that attracted most attention wasn’t about her, but the First Lady Melania Trump. Former Secretary of State was asked what her opinion on Melania’s Be Best initiative is.

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Hillary was answering this question in a segment of Andy Cohen’s show called Plead the Fifth. While under this amendment, you can choose not to respond if there’s a chance that you can incriminate yourself, Hillary gave an honest answer, which was quite a dig at the First Lady, and her husband, Donald Trump.

Cohen was also direct as you can get: “What do you honestly think of first lady Melania Trump’s cyberbullying initiative?”

Hillary Clinton was an ideal opportunity to call out POTUS and his wife’s initiative by saying: “I think she should look closer to home.”

You don’t have to think too hard to realize what she had in mind. Donald Trump can be considered as one of the biggest cyber-bullies in the United States. His continuous tweets that only have the intention to insult and degrade his political opponents are a testimony to this.

Melania’s campaign focuses on children and their safety on-line, but the First Lady should start changing the world with her husband.

Source: cnn.com