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Hilde Osland Wishes You Happy Easter From the Sunny Beach

by Tracy Finke

The Norwegian bombshell Hilde Osland is living in Western Australia, which is affected by the coronavirus, like the rest of the world. But luckily for its citizens, the beaches are wide enough for proper social distancing, so they still can enjoy these sunny days.

Image source: Instagram

The blond beauty sent a message to her followers from one of those beaches, wishing them a happy holiday. “Feeling very lucky to be in WA where we have beaches for miles and that we are still allowed to go as long as we keep a safe distance from other people. Hope you and your loved ones are safe and well. Happy Easter”, the caption read.

Image source: Instagram

Her followers showered her with compliments, as usual, and wished Hilde to stay safe during this tough time.

Image source: Instagram

“Do you work out every day? You’re so perfect!”, “You are just STUNNING”, “Ooo, ain’t it freezing there right now! You look adorable either way!”, “You look like Isabel Lucas but hotter”, “I like your hairstyle in these”, “Great looking swimsuit. You look amazing”, some of the comments read.