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Here Is What Smokers Should Know About Coronavirus (Video)

by Elsa Stringer

In a video that appeared online, Doctor Neal Patel, M.D., expert on pulmonary and critical care medicine who works at Mayo Clinic talks about what smokers have to be aware of amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.


HE starts by saying that smoking destroys the follicles in the lungs that are responsible for trapping damaged viruses and debris, moving it out of the lungs. Therefore, those particles do not stay in our lungs and do not cause any issues.

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This is therefore one of the main defense systems against infection. Without it, smokers become even more defenseless when it comes to coronavirus. It can help explain why a smoker with common cold might develop a prolonged cough from weeks to months later.


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Those with healthy lungs recover much more rapidly. Since coronavirus mainly attacks the lungs, those with cardiovascular and respiratory issues are at the highest risk. Therefore, the best time to quit smoking is today.