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Heidi Klum Teases In Lingerie as She Gets Her Hair Done

by Zarko85

Supermodel Heidi Klum, 46, is still in isolation with her husband, but her hair must not suffer because of it. Therefore, she had her stylist come over to her home and do her hair. For this occasion, she wore a very special outfit.

Heidi is famous for treating her fans to all sorts of content on her Instagram page. She has more than 7.4 million followers, and they can expect her to most multiple photos or videos every day. Whatever happens in her life, she will share it.

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This was also the case when she desperately needed her hair done. Her stylist came to her home and did her hair in the backyard. Both women wore protective masks, but Heidi also wore something much more special. She opted to put on hot and racy lingerie, including fishnet stockings, a revealing black bra, and black high heels.

Heidi crossed her legs and stared right at the camera with an intimidating look, evident even with her mask on. She looked absolutely stunning in this bedroom ensemble. The hairstylist used an umbrella to stay away from Klum, as she cut holes in it for her arms. It is overall a very interesting and unique photograph that currently has over 212,000 likes and almost 2,000 comments.

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She shared more photos from that day on her Instagram story feed. These snaps give us more insight into the overall mood and show us what she was doing as she waited for her hair to sit. Since her hairstyle and color require breaks and sessions, she had a lot of time to goof around and take selfies.

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Source: Instagram.com

She gave us a better look at her leopard print surgical mask, as well as her beautiful eye makeup. Heidi Klum also posted a hot closeup photo of her crossed legs in heels and stockings, from her own point of view.

Source: Instagram.com

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