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10 Hawkeye Secrets Revealed In The Trailer

by Mary McFarren

It’s about time Hawkeye gets the attention he deserves. The underrated superhero was pushed aside in all Marvel movies by more popular heroes and was unjustly underused in stories. Now, Disney + revealed the Hawkeye series that will focus only on this character portrayed by Jeremy Renner.

The trailer has been released and the premiere is set for November 24th. Alongside Renner, the cast features Alaqua Cox as Echo, Fra Free as Kazi, Tony Dalton as Jack Duquesne, and Vera Farmiga as Eleanor Bishop. Hawkeye takes place in the aftermath of the Avengers: Endstory, beginning with the family reunion. Here are some takeouts from the trailer that is worth considering.

Family get together

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The story opens up with the Barton family sitting down for a nice Christmas dinner after being broken down by Thanos. In the first scene, we can see Hawkeye enjoying the time with his three children, Nathaniel, Lila, and Cooper in a New York restaurant.

Rogers: The Musical

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In one of the scenes, we can see a billboard saying Rogers: The Musical showing Steve Rogers holding his star shield. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Rogers is featured on Broadway and described as a “super-powered sensation”. Hawkeye takes his children to see their favorite superhero musical.

Clint Barton’s impersonator

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Kate Bishop comes up as the “masked vigilante” featured on the news report. She is taking over Hawkeye’s job of getting rid of criminals.

Barton family gets snapped again

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The archer gets the unnerving feeling of seeing Kate Barton take on the criminals by herself. He decides to send his family somewhere safe while he investigates the intentions of the vigilante.

Hawkeye is wearing hearing aids

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In comic books, Hawkeye’s deafness played a major part. Now, for the first time on screen, Disney included his hearing aids as part of the costume.

Bishop is a pro archer

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Kate Bishop, played by Hailee Steinfeld, is already a proficient archer. When Bishop gets outnumbered by NY goons, she gets into a fighting mode shooting arrows while holding her ground. She even has the confidence to tell Hawkeye that according to “some people” she is the world’s best archer.

Hawkeye has fans, too

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Everyone loves Iron Man, Hulk, Deadpool, and Captain America, but how many fans does Hawkeye have? So far, not many, but as it turns out, Kate Bishop is Hawkeye’s superfan. Her reaction to meeting the archer is featured in the trailer, and the audience were as stunned as Hawkeye himself.

A call from Mrs. Hawkeye

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In the opening scene, only Barton’s kids are gathered around the Christmas dinner table. Later in the series, Mrs. Burton shows up after five years only to find that her hubby has become a bitter vigilante and she’s not happy about it.

Hawkeye has a sense of humor

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Humor is ever-present when it comes to superheroes as it gives the fine balance between bloody shooting scenes and the dramatic portrayal of the characters. Hawkeye, however, was never a part of the witty bunch, up until now. Disney added some hilarious scenes where the archer, together with his young protege Bishop, are cracking jokes throughout the series.

Bishop’s mom is alive

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In comics, Kate believes that her mother, a famous socialite, is dead. However, Eleanor Bishop is very much alive in this series with a possibly meaningful role. She is still a snooty rich urbanite gulping down and expensive wine in the finest New York restaurants. Eleanor, played by Vera Farmiga, is showing up in the trailer which can only mean one thing – her character has a much bigger role in the show than it had in the comic books.