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Why Having a Massage Regularly is Good for You

by Tracy Finke

Having a regular massage session promotes the proper functioning of the human body in a wide variety of facets. It works both the physical and emotional part of the patient. It is used as an effective treatment for many diseases, as well as to relax the body and release the stresses of everyday life.


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By definition, massage is a method in which – in principle – the hands are used as the main tool, but other elements such as rollers, suction cups, hammers, and also special oils for skincare can be adopted.

On the other hand, there is a great variety of massage techniques. The two main branches from which they derive are properly relaxing massages and therapeutic massages.

Therapeutic massage or massage therapy

It is one of the many techniques within physiotherapy, concerning soft tissue, to treat a particular pathology; but we must make differentiation of techniques, for example, the joint one.

Types of therapeutic massage

Circulatory, infantile, DLM, sports, Syriac.


Adhesions, tendonitis, lumbago, problems with the musculoskeletal system.


Do not apply when there are infections, thrombophlebitis, or oncological processes as it can increase circulation and metabolism in tissues and prevent the spread of thrombi, tumors, or cancer.


Relaxing massage

Relaxing massage is not used in physiotherapy, although it can be used at a specific moment, when the patient needs to be relaxed after a nervous state, always understanding that it is a complement to treat the underlying pathology. These massages consist of a smooth and rhythmic technique that allows the patient to relax.


Lowers muscle tone, reduces stress and anxiety, improves circulation, and calms the mind.

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On the other hand, it is extremely important to highlight and know the type of patient to be treated through a variety of methodologies, depending on the person’s condition.

Types of patients



Patients Impatient
Motivated Unmotivated
Confident Distrustful
Responsible Irresponsible


Knowing the type of patient we are, will help us to propose a much more efficient rehabilitation method that is consistent not only with the injury but with the injured.

Types of massages

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In this discipline, many types of massage apply a variety of techniques. Among some of these we have:

  • Swedish/relaxation massage: It is one of the most traditional and most practiced in the world. Firms the joints and muscles, while suppressing tension and finding a natural balance and general well-being. It offers a toning and relaxing effect that promotes lymphatic and blood circulation and allows the elimination of a wide variety of toxins.
  • Deep tissue massage: This massage is used – in general – on patients or athletes who suffer from “chronic muscle pain” due to the demand for severe physical activities, poor body posture, extreme stress. After a deep tissue massage session, pain may appear for some time that is usually relieved by applying ice and stretching the affected areas.
  • Reflexology: This is a specific type of massage applied to the feet because certain areas correspond to other parts of the body. The University of Portsmouth published a study stating that this technique has analgesic effects, reducing pain by 40 percent.
  • Sports massage: This massage is applied for different purposes and types, for example, warm-up or pre-competitive massage, recovery or post-competitive massage, and maintenance or discharge massage, thus allowing efficient recovery of the whole body.
  • Trigger point therapy: Also known as pressure point massage. These points demarcate hypersensitive and hyperirritable areas, generally located within a taut band of muscle fibers. Using finger pressure, the therapist applies light but firm pressure to the affected areas.
  • Infant massage: These massages are beneficial for children, particularly babies. This technique is one of stimulation that uses the voice, the look, and of course, the touch. This creates an emotional bond and improves confidence in the care.
  • Pregnancy massage: This massage is particularly adapted for women in pregnancy because their body progressively changes to a different stage. It offers decontracting benefits, reduces stress and eliminates anxiety, and is very important to calm the typical cramps of the pregnancy stage.
  • Geriatric massage: Clearly, it is applied in older adults, they do not cause adverse effects although there are indications not to apply them when there are unhealed ulcers, acute pain, inflammation, fractures, bruises, varicose veins, or heart disorders.

Taking massage sessions regularly

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After having broken down a significant amount of information regarding the types of massages and the different techniques, we hope you take into account the importance of this health discipline.

As we saw previously, a relaxing massage can help to release physical and emotional tensions, while therapeutic massages, to attack or treat pathologies, aim to provide the person with comprehensive well-being. A tailor-made rehabilitation or treatment. Although we are human and we respond to certain characteristics, our bodies also respond differently to certain stimuli.

Of the wide range of treatments for diseases that exist today, massages, as a method of physical therapy, are a non-invasive resource and it’s recommended for having a full life, less hectic, and with more connection with ourselves.

The periodicity of the massage sessions you take will undoubtedly mark a before and after in your daily life. As we already said, massages not only help to relax the body, but they are a fundamental tool to integrate patients with various pathologies back into society. Giving or giving back the quality of life that a patient deserves is priceless.

Summing up

Massage therapy is quite widespread today, but not everyone can receive a massage. It is important to know our body and have a moment to condition it or heal it from some emotional, spiritual or physical trauma.

At the same time, going to the massage centers of suitable professionals, with masseurs or physical therapists prepared to provide this type of service, is essential.

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