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Can Lymphatic Drainage Massage Boost Weight Loss?

by Jeon

Losing weight almost always tops the list of difficult things to do. While it is quite important since it not only makes a person look great, but feel great too, the amount of work you need to do in a typical weight loss program requires a ton of determination and patience.

Worse, even after doing a lot of work, you’d be hard pressed to see the number on the weighing scale budge, even for a bit. All the while determined to eliminate the extra weight and get rid of the puffiness from your face, acne, cellulite and body swelling. If you are interested in an effective and easier method of dropping the extra weight, getting a lymphatic drainage massage may just be the solution you are looking for.

Lymphatic drainage massages are the kind of treatment that utilizes manual and natural techniques to improve your body’s lymphatic system by about as much as 20 times than other types of massages. You can either use a Hydragun or go for a massage session from a therapist.

Your lymphatic system works like a pump that ensures fluids are constantly flowing throughout your body. This is quite important since when it is blocked or inactive, there can be several health problems in your body from the lymph fluid buildup, weakened immunity, as well as swelling and bloating from all the water retention. In addition, too much toxin accumulating in your body will cause a huge strain to the internal organs.

If you are, in fact, exercising regularly and following a healthy diet but do not see the results you hoped for, a slow lymphatic system could be the issue. For that matter, a nice lymphatic drainage massage can help the condition. Since this type of massage eliminates all the toxin build-up in your body, it will then receive all the repair it needs as well as recharge the body by sending blood and energy to fat cells.

To resolve these issues, lymphatic drainage massages utilize rhythmic movements and light pressure to stimulate the flow of lymphatic fluid. This will allow your system to naturally eliminate lymphatic since it would flow back to your lymph nodes – the ones that are not blocked, anyway. Additionally, since the extra fluid is directed to the natural filtration system of your body, the toxin and wastes that have built up in your body are eliminated.

Benefits of lymphatic drainage massage

Reduced cellulite

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As your body’s circulation improves through the use of pressure, the cellulite you have in your body will be noticeably reduced due to the massage. It is also a great way to stop the development of cellulitis in the first place.

Improved immune system

Your lymphatic system plays an important role in your immune response by helping in fluid balance within your body at the same time eliminating bacteria. The increase in blood circulation helps your body become more efficient in transporting white blood cells all through your body.

Stronger nervous system

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Studies that were published by the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, states that with an improved circulation of lymph fluid that is brought on by manual lymphatic drainage, a person’s ANS (Autonomic Nervous System) balance improves.

The reason is the activity of your PNS (Parasympathetic Nervous System) is also increased. This also lowers the risks of you contracting autoimmune diseases, as well as restoring homeostasis. And with this, psychological and physiologic stress, as well as chronic fatigue syndrome are also reduced.

Improved skin elasticity

A good manual lymphatic drainage massage activates the circulation of blood through your body which encourages new cell growth. This results in an enormous reduction in the number of fine lines and wrinkles in your skin. This type of massage also improves the tightness of your skin as well as helps bring its elasticity and youth back.

There is reduced joint pain

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Due to the fact that manual lymphatic drainage helps boost your body’s circulation, this lessens all the inflammation and tissue swelling which causes joint pain.

Helps with weight loss

You would find several instances when you just can’t exercise. It’s normal. So, getting manual lymphatic drainage massages becomes the equally effective alternative. This type of therapy is also a great way to eliminate the waste and toxins from your body.

This is quite important since all that extra waste you carry in your body adds to your weight. And if you can’t go to see an actual therapist, using a percussion massager on yourself does the same thing. This type of massage allows you to lose weight dues to the following benefits:

Lymph drainage massage relaxes you

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Just like the other massage types, lymph drainage massages are quite relaxing and effectively relieves anxiety and stress. This is why it is an effective solution to boosting a person’s overall well being.

Anxiety and stress are critical to think about when it comes to weight loss since the boost in the stress hormone cortisol leads to you gaining weight since there is an increase in the levels of this hormone in your body. Relaxing and regularly getting a massage will lower cortisol levels that aids in stopping stress-related weight increase.

Reduced water retention

The human body is composed of 70% water and fluid usually accumulates in the body cavities and tissues. Typical water retention symptoms include: weight increase, swelling in the ankles, hands and feet and joint stiffness.

Since the main task of your lymph system is to eliminate the toxins and transport fluids throughout your body. The extra water that your body does not need is retained and is circulated through the lymphatic system. Manual lymphatic drainage boosts water retention aice it aids in the circulation of lymph nodes and vessels.

Increased Metabolism

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A normal lymph system results in a normal, healthy metabolism. On the same note, a faster metabolism rate means that you are able to burn fat even if you are not very active.

A manual lymphatic drainage treatment ensures your metabolism does not slow down, so you can avoid gaining extra weight.  And because your metabolism increases with time and regular treatments, you can expect long lasting results.

Healthier kidneys and liver

A manual lymphatic drainage treatment helps the kidneys and liver that can help you lose weight. In order to understand, it is essential to remember that your organs do not function on their own – all of them work as a system that supports one another.

A perfectly functioning liver and kidneys are essential for losing weight, since both organs are in charge of eliminating toxins from your body. A manual lymphatic drainage treatment massage around these two areas boosts healthy circulation. A healthy circulation on the other hand enables the kidneys and liver to aid in your body’s detoxification.

In addition, all your organs that function well support your body’s fat burning process. It is important to know though, that a manual lymphatic drainage treatment should be avoided by pregnant women, people with swelling or inflammation in the body, cancer patients, patients of lymph gland inflammation, people with blood clots.

Manual lymphatic drainage treatment is really an effective method of shedding those extra pounds. It aids in detoxifying your body which then results in long term weight loss. Keep in mind though, that this type of massage is not in any way a magic pill where you get instant results. Just like any other other manual lymph drainage methods, lymphatic drainage treatments need to be administered on a regular basis in order for you to achieve the results you want. How regular? About 10 sessions minimum.