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Harvey Weinstein Net Worth 2024 – Early life, Career and Scandals

by Elsa Stringer

Harvey Weinstein is one of the few producers who have one of the most rewarding careers in Hollywood. He has been a film producer and director for long and is a co-founder of Miramax Entertainment Company. Over the years, he has helped produce top movies such as “Good Will Hunting (1997)”, Frida (2002)” and “The Aviator (2004)”.

Despite his immense popularity and wealth, Harvey Weinstein’s career and character are in turmoil from 2017 after many women accused him of sexual harassment. On Friday, 25th May, he turned himself into New York authorities. Weinstein now faces charges of rape, sex abuse, criminals sex act, and sexual misconduct.

Harvey Weinstein Net Worth

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As an American film studio and film producer, Harvey Weinstein’s worth at the peak of his career was about $300 million. Much of his net worth is from the Weinstein company that was highly popular before the sex scandals came to haunt the star. The wake of the scandals also cost the star his wife Georgina Chapman, and they ended up divorcing.


The scandals affected the star, and after these scandals, the former film producer was seemingly unable to pay for the spousal obligations. Weinstein was also fired from his company, increasing his tribulations. Currently, Weinstein’s net worth is $50 million.

In January 2017, the former film producer told a judge that he was too poor to pay for the spousal obligations to his wife and two kids for one year. The judge agreed to his request and decided to halt a $5 million debt he owed. His wife, in a quick reply, said that the star had swindled their assets by paying for attorney fees all over the world to protect him from potential lawsuits.

Weinstein’s Early life

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Born in 1952 in Flushing, New York Weinstein is famous as a co-founder of the Weinstein Company and Miramax Films. Since 2005, he and his brother have been the chair of the Weinstein film production company. Weinstein’s early career was rewarding and won an Academy Award as a producer for Shakespeare in love.

He also earned the other seven awards for his role in various plays and musicals such as Billy Elliot, the Musical, The Producers, and August: Osage County.

During his time at Miramax, he produced notable films such as The English Patient, Pulp fiction, and Goodwill hunting. In the Weinstein company, he and his brother created Inglorious Basterds, the Butler, Django Unchained, and Silver Linings Playbook.

In 2004, Harvey won an award for the Commander of Order of the British Empire for his valuable contributions to the British film industry. His career has also with praise and criticism in equal measure. His actions lead to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences banning of film campaigns at Oscars.

Weinstein and child support


Weinstein has two ex-wives, with each having his kids. The first ex, Eve Chilton, has a 14-year and 19-year old daughters belonging to the once-successful film producer. She filed a child support payment for the two daughters amounting to $5 million. According to her own words, she says that Weinstein told her that he was currently broke to sort their daughters’ upkeep and that he will not be able to pay the payments for a year.

In the court, she told the attorney, “He has been prepaying many lawyers across the world millions of dollars to protect himself from the lawsuits arising from the globe.”

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The judge, however, put down her assertions and insisted that Weinstein was loyal in paying child support payments and that the “consistent arrears” mentioned by Chilton lawyers had less proof. Weinstein’s attorney in a rejoinder said that the former film producer has always paid her child support payments diligently and that he’ll continue to pay.

The attorney, Ben Brafman, is facing a sold test in his career and is now handling one of the worst jobs in history, that of being Weinstein’s defender.

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Currently, the only worry Harvey Weinstein has is of child support as he recently parted ways with her wife, Georgina Chapman, while paying her between $15-$20 million.

Harvey Weinstein and his political affiliations

Since time immemorial, Harvey Weinstein has been an ardent supporter of democratic politicians. In April 2019, the star spoke about plans to partner with musician Jay Z to make a film that narrates the Trayvon Martin story.

He also spoke of his plans to start a private foundation named after his mother that supports LGBT women’s rights and the inclusion of more women directors.


According to Business Insider Weinstein has donated more than $2.5 million to political candidates and democratic committees since the 2000 elections. Politicians who are beneficiaries include senators Cory Booker, Chuck Schumer, Elizabeth Warren, and Patrick Leahy. These senators have mentioned that they’ll pass Weinstein’s contributions to charitable organizations that advance women’s rights.

Harvey Weinstein was also a notable contributor to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s campaigns. Both politicians came out in 2018 to condemn his actions and praise the women who came forward with the accusations.

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Weinstein had also decided to donate a $5 million scholarship to women directors studying at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts. However, the school rejected the pledge due to Weinstein’s accusations. New Jersey’s Rutgers University also rejected the $100,000 donation by Weinstein foundation to fund women’s equality.

Harvey Weinstein and his influence in Hollywood

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For many years, players in the fil industry feared to discuss Harvey Weinstein’s dark side. But after media reported sexual allegations misconducts, many journalists were encouraged to share the stories of how Weinstein used his power to prey on women for long.

What made it worse was that many gossip columns, journalists, and media reports were on Weinstein’s payroll. One former New York Daily News columnist Marianne Garvey says that Harvey tried to force her way by telling her she will introduce her to celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Oprah Winfrey.

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Harvey Weinstein is one of the most famous film producers in America. During his early career, he amassed much wealth, and it was evident by his funding to politicians. However, his sex scandals brought his career to his knees, but he’ll remain one of the popular for the amazing films he produced.