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Custom T-Shirt Printing And DTG: Things You Need To Know 2024

by Elsa Stringer

When it comes to having the nicest looking custom t-shirts. Shirt printing companies deeply understand the many complexities when creating the best looking apparel. See MyTShirtKings, garment printing trade shows around the world focus of giving clients the best experience. Going into 2024, it has become evident that providing cheap screen printing services at a reasonable price makes it possible to build long-lasting partnerships.

The Growth of Making Custom T-Shirts

Over the last decade, brands have catered to small businesses and startups looking to dramatically improve the way they look, by providing highly fashionable garments such as t-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, long sleeve apparel and much more.

It quickly becomes noticeable that these brands are helping young startups develop its style and look. As more modern t-shirt companies provide competitive pricing and award-winning customer service.

The standard turnaround should be 10-14 business days for making custom t-shirts. This is dependent on how complex the artwork is and does it require highly detailed printing. For example when screen printing 1 color custom shirts, it will take a lot less time to produce the garment then it would be to provide dtg / direct to garment printing.

Combining Innovative Tech Through Direct To Garment ?

When using the DTG machine, or DTG in general, you have to properly calibrate the machine to be able to accurately print on the garment. This requires setup and correct measuring to ensure accuracy. This digital process is great for small qualities but lacks the ability to turn over garments fast enough for much larger rush orders.

The Benefits of Screen Printing

The best thing about screen printing is that if you are looking to have bulk screen printing conducted, you can save big. This process has allowed companies to provide competitive pricing. The more garments you need the cheaper the garment is per item.


This process works wonders for clothing companies, family reunions, youth organizations, sports teams and much more. Bulk t-shirt printing companies online understand that affordability is essential to long term customer value.

Graphic Design

Today most graphic departments are state of the art! If they are using industry-standard software. Then they should only use premium versions of photoshop, lightroom and adobe illustrator. Because if you’re looking to submit artwork, it’s in your best bet to send them corresponding file types in a transparent file. This allows the prepping process associated with your graphics design to be expedited.

One of the many challenges local print shops face is not having proper artwork. This common issue can slow down production time. If you don’t have proper art, it can dramatically affect the outcome of the garment design. This all orders are properly vetted before they are sent into production.

So if you ever in the market for high-quality clothing and reasonable pricing, you can get same-day quotes by just by contacting customer support.


Working with small companies is essential to continuous shirt prints.Most people only change their garment development service 2x over 10 years. So by following these simple practices, your garments should look remarkable.