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Harry Styles Sets the Internet on Fire as He Poses in Fishnet Tights

by Tracy Finke

On Monday, London-based magazine Beauty Papers announced that British singer Harry Styles, 26, will be featured on their cover.

In provocative photos, the famous singer once again displayed his quirky sense of style as he wore a pair of fishnet tights and Gucci moccasins on one picture and Gucci suit on another photo.

Image source: Instagram

Fans, when they learned that a handsome Briton would be on the cover of Beauty Papers, rushed to the official site to secure their copy. Too much interest has led to the crash of the website.

Image source: Instagram

Harry’s engagement was officially announced with a one-minute video directed by Casper Wackerhausen-Sejersen.

Harry, in the video, answers questions that viewers cannot hear. He is dressed in the same blue Gucci suit that he also wears in promo photos, which is complemented by a pink shade and bronze highlighter, People reports.

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Guchi confirmed that the famous singer in the video is wearing their cosmetics in addition to their clothes. While addressing technical issues that have occurred due to traffic congestion, Beauty Papers posted on Twitter what cosmetic products they used to prep Harry for shooting.

Known for his daring fashion, Styles often emphasizes his authentic style in his music videos and public appearances.