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Flirting Is a Part of These Zodiac Signs

by Elsa Stringer

Nobody wishes to be cheated on in a relationship, and for these zodiac signs, staying true to someone is simply not meant to be. If you were born under these three signs, you can blame astrology for your unfaithfulness.



Adventure is the most important thing is their lives. They are not happy when they feel trapped at one place, or with just one person. They love meeting new people and make new friendships, as well as try new things every day.

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This is because a relationship that holds them back or makes them feel like they are not expanding and learning is not for them. This does not mean that a Sagittarius cannot be a devoted partner, they simply need to find someone similar to them who want a little bit of freedom.



Emotional connection is not the strongest suit of this sign. The reason why they do not like deep connections and relationships is that they completely understand the responsibility that being close to someone brings. They simply do not know if they are strong enough for it and wish to be sure they can keep their promises.

An Aquarius work on their emotions differently than other signs, which makes them hard to understand at times and seem irresponsible. Fleeing from someone is their way of not hurting them, but once they firmly believe they can remain faithful to someone, they usually are.



Gemini people love to amaze people, and they often manage to do just that. With a Gemini in your group of friends, everyone feels loved and adored because those born under this sign flirt with everyone a little bit, just like a bee goes from a flower to flower. This can make them feel unreliable in a relationship, and their partners can feel unsafe, threatened, and jealous. It can be hard to trust a Gemini.

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However, the fact they love company does not mean they cannot love their partner. They see the world as a place filled with opportunity where everyone can connect and be close. As partners, they are as devoted as possible, but only to a partner who suits them in every way. If you do not let Geminis be themselves, you will not manage to keep them by your side.