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First Lady Melania Trump Surprised Schoolkids with a Zoom Class

by Elsa Stringer

The First Lady of the United States Melania Trump, 50, surprised first graders from Fenton during one of their Zoom classes online, and gave them a special look inside the White House.

She Tweeted the following on her official Twitter account: “While celebrating the 2nd anniversary of #BeBest last week, I Zoomed w/ Fenton 1st grade class & their teacher, Mrs. Horton. We had a wonderful conversation about kindness in these puzzling times. ”


The teacher of the lucky class had this to say about the special appearance by the First Lady: My class had been studying history along with national monuments and I thought it would be a fun experience for them to see the White House.”


When the class of 23 young students logged into what they thought was just another Zoom class, they got the surprise of a lifetime and met FLOTUS Melania Trump. She showed them the portrait of George Washington that is hanging in the East Room.

The teacher continued, After each child spoke, (Melania Trump) praised them for their good deeds and complimented them on how well-behaved they were. The First Lady was genuine, kind and so sweet with my first-grade students. She took the time to listen and talk to them about being the best they can be, as it was her Be Best anniversary.”

Source: stil.kurir.rs

She revealed how the meeting with her made an enormous and long-lasting impact on her 23 children. They visibly miss being in their real classroom, with their friends by their side. Mrs. Horton says that Melania Trump “made an enormous impact on 23 children who miss being with their friends at school. For me, it was an opportunity to connect with my students and bring them some happiness in a time that is confusing and difficult.”

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After the class, each child received a special goodie bag from the First Lady. They contained school supplies like notepads and pencils, as well as board games and puzzles. Each child also got a special letter from the FLOTUS.