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Is Melania Trump’s English Getting Worse?

by Sinisav

Melania Trump, just as many of us decided to wish a happy Mother’s Day to her mother. She used a video to do this, but her message remained somehow hidden. Is it for her lack of effort or her lack of English knowledge, we can’t tell?

This video was like any other, posted by the First Lady. It was stiff and emotionless. Fair play to Melania for wishing her mother all the best, but this could be done better. The video she shared looked like one she would do in the past for one of her modeling campaigns. But, even back then, she would do it better.

Melania Trump

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All of the work Melania does as the First Lady looks as she was forced to do it. It’s all work and no enjoyment. How she does her videos is as she wants them over before she even started. Rushed and lacking substance.

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The First Lady captioned the video with: “On this Mother’s Day, let’s recognize all the mothers, grandmothers & motherly figures for their wisdom, love & commitment to their children & families. Take time today to thank a mother & let her know how much you appreciate her! Happy #MothersDay.”

Video was not well received on Twitter, and the First Lady was ridiculed. One user wrote: “Is her English getting worse?” In the video, it looks like Melania Trump is fighting with the pronunciation of some words.

Another one pointed out the lack of attention she’s getting from POTUS: “Lol, your husband spent all day tweeting and retweeting like a lunatic and ignoring you, which is exactly the Mother’s Day you deserve.”

The third one said: “Your kidneys won’t explode if you breathe, you know?” The things exploded afterward, which you will see if you look at the rest of the tweets aimed at the First Lady.

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