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6 Tips On How To Find A Reliable San Diego Long Distance Moving Company?

by Tracy Finke

San Diego is one of the best cities to live in the entire USA, and even in the world, side by side with Vienna, Melbourne, Calgary and Valencia. The weather is fantastic, and it is an equally good city for young and old people.

Young people can choose between numerous jobs, because the job market is large. Fun activities are equally good because there are so many clubs, beaches and restaurants to enjoy weekends and even during work week. Favorable climate, beaches, restaurants and everything else are also reasons why many retirees move to San Diego once they finish their working lives.

Because of all this, one might wonder why someone would move from San Diego. But there are certainly many reasons why you want to move from this fantastic place. Maybe a new business opportunity has arisen or you want to be closer to friends and family who live across the country.

Whatever your reason, a long distance move awaits you, which is one of the most challenging things in life of every person. You have to take care of so many things that you will hardly wait for this process to be completed, which can take months if you do not seek the help of professionals.

We will help you find a reliable San Diego long distance moving company by giving you many tips and advice.

1.  Ask for recommendations

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Virtually everyone has moved at least once in life. We do not know a single person who lived in the same house from the day of his birth until the day of his death, who did not move even a few blocks away. That is why it is best to first ask friends, acquaintances and family for recommendations.

Especially if you know someone has moved a long distance, since there is a huge difference between long distance and short distance move.

Then those recommendations will be very valuable to you, even if the person has had negative experiences. Negative experiences will help you avoid a particular company, just as positive experiences will help you choose the best possible company.

Inquire about all the details, not just the overall experience. Find out the price, how fast services were, whether there were hidden fees and everything else that interests you. The overall experience is one thing and certainly very important, but to make sure you won’t make a mistake, go into the details.

2. Search online

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The Internet has been a major source of information for most people for decades. So even if you’ve gotten recommendations from family and friends, take at least an hour or two to search the internet for long distance movers San Diego or just visit www.gpsmoving.com

On the Internet you will find reviews, both Google reviews and reviews on other sites such as Trustpilot. Remember that a few bad reviews are not important if the company has hundreds of positive reviews. But if the same objections are repeated in several reviews, then it is a yellow flag, if not a red flag.

3. Check licenses

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Certain states do not require companies to be licensed if they operate within the state. California is not one of those states, as California requires companies to have a California Public Utilities Commission number. It doesn’t even matter in this case, because it’s federal law that companies operating between states must have a registered number with the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT). So when you have narrowed down the choice of companies, make sure they are all licensed.

4. Contact the company in person

Now that you have a few favorites, it’s time to contact them all in person. You can ask for a quote first, before you call them or go to their office, because maybe the quote you get shows you that this moving company is not the right choice for you.

Going to the office will give you an insight not only into the necessary information, but into the kindness of the employees as well. You’ll also be able to see if the offices look great, and you might even notice some red flag once you go there.

5. Request estimates

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The free quote that most companies offer will only give you a vague insight into the price of moving. That is why it is necessary to request estimates in order to find out how much money you will have to spend once you hire them.

Be prepared that it will not be a small amount of money, but you cannot avoid it when moving long distance because it must involve a lot of people, vehicles and everything else. And the company must make a profit on all that, because it is their priority.

6. Book in advance

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Do your best to contact companies as soon as you know when you are moving. If you have to move within a few weeks then you don’t have many choices, but if you have months to reach your new destination then you are in a great situation.

All you need to do is choose the time of year when fewer people move, because then the price will be significantly lower. Also, the company will be able to dedicate all its resources to you and complete the whole process quickly.


We hope we have helped you find a San Diego long distance moving company that exactly suits your needs. We remind you once again that you should not try to relocate without help, especially since it is an out of state relocation, and in that case the logistics are very complicated.

You need to calculate the distance, fuel, drivers, rest, storage and so many other things that only professionals with many years of experience can do it successfully. Do only what is necessary, and leave the rest to the professionals who will facilitate the whole process, while you will be able to focus on other obligations and be happy for the move, instead of being under constant stress. We wish you luck in your new life outside of California!