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Hotel Technology Products In Your Hotel Rooms Offer Comfort and Convenience

How Hotel Room Technology Improves Guest Experiences

by Tracy Finke

Leading hotels use the latest cutting-edge technology to create the best possible guest experiences. Studies show that guests look for exciting technology to improve their hotel experience.

New, advanced hospitality TVs, air conditioners, hotel room appliances and hotel room accessories all contribute to creating a perfect atmosphere.

How Hotel Room Tech Enhances Your Guest Experience

Hotel industry leaders have many clever and inventive technology solutions to choose from to upgrade guest experiences.

Hospitality TVs

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Smart TVs for Smart Hotels

The humble television has come a long way. Smart TVs now offer the greatest viewing pleasure to enhance your leisure. Hospitality televisions provide a welcoming experience by offering check in and guest information, and choices like language options. By combining dazzling, high-definition screens with convenient hotel streaming services, hotels offer their guests the best in outstanding entertainment packages.

Smart Viewing

Many smart TVs now offer Google assistant, Chromecast and Netflix streaming – and much more. With dedicated buttons on remote controls, this simple looking tech makes it incredibly easy for guests to access their streaming service of choice.

Hospitality AC’s & PTACs

Air Conditioning

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Hotel industry leaders know that guest comfort starts with a pleasant room temp, and use the most efficient and advanced heaters and air conditioners available.  Nobody could have imagined how advanced air conditioners in hotel rooms would become. With intuitive displays and varied comfort settings, guests can easily ensure their room suits their own personal needs.

With a choice of in room air conditioning and ductless heating and cooling options, newer models are offer energy efficiency and are kind to the environment while still providing the greatest possible guest satisfaction.

Hotel Appliances


Dishwashers were once a luxury, or only found at home, but now they’re standard hotel room technology. Today’s dishwasher is energy efficient and has creative features like dry boost and hard food disposers. They come in all sizes and settings and whether you need just 12 place settings or room for a whole load, there’s a dishwasher to suit guest needs.

Guests have come to expect the comfort and convenience of quiet, clean dishwasher technology, and there are many top of the line, attractive options now available.


Source: healthline.com

When it comes to dining, nothing beats a microwave for convenience and cost effectiveness. Built for comfort and for speed, today’s hotel room microwaves are quick and easy to operate, with efficient venting systems to help remove any vapors cooking produces. They’re a practical, economical convenience to enhance your hotel stay.

Sometimes it’s nice to relax in front of your smart TV and nibble on a microwaved snack. Coming in sleek, contemporary colors and designs, microwaves offer guests something they truly desire – cost effective choices.


And where better to store those microwavable snacks than the hotel fridge?

The modern fridge is quiet, spacious, environmentally sound and designed for storing food at optimum temperatures – another health-conscious consideration in hotel room technology.

And with frost-free freezers and adjustable shelves and storage spaces, today’s fridges are designed with easy organization and sanitization in mind – a useful feature for guests and hotel staff alike.

Hotel Accessories

Health-Conscious Hospitality

Source: forbes.com

Guests can look forward to choosing from a wide selection of streaming movies on the hospitality television – and I bet most guests don’t even think about the remote control you’re using. But hotels do!

Clean remotes are another way that hotel tech is dedicated to improving your stay.  Clean remote controls are much easier to sanitize than standard remote models. They’re designed with simpler displays and created from easy to clean materials. Clean technology contributes to a clean and comfortable hotel room environment.

Bluetooth speakers

Many forward-thinking hotels now offer their guests the choice of streaming their own music. Nothing lifts your mood like listening to your favorite tunes. Innovative hotels allow their guests to access their own play lists, as well as thousands of other options, at the touch of a button with a Bluetooth speaker.

Bluetooth speakers can also take advantage of combined technology, turning your speaker into a speaker plus charging port. They offer display dimmers for convenience and are a streamlined and attractive addition to leading-edge hotel rooms.


Source: insidehook.com

Who can resist a three in one combination? Hotel guests love the simplicity and accessibility of combined hotel tech, and many still want the comfort of a digital alarm. After all, nobody wants to sleep through that important meeting, or miss a connecting flight. So hotel rooms regularly offer speakers and charging bays that  double as alarm clocks.

With adjustable, intuitive settings, combined technology is truly innovation at its best.

Charging bays

These are a must for today’s traveler. Whether guests are there for business or pleasure, they carry a lot of important information around in their phones and devices. The average American family can access 10 smart devices in their home every day – and you can guarantee they take some of those devices on vacation! Business meetings are often conducted virtually, and every organization these days runs on phones, tablets and other digital devices.

Providing convenient ways for you to charge your devices is an absolute must. Luckily, most modern hotels come equipped with charging bays. Another convenience at your fingertips.

Wireless charging hubs

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And for the latest in charging technology, many hotels also now offer wireless charging hubs, which come equipped with charging ports too.

Hotel Technology Products Offer Your Guests Comfort and Convenience

Hotel room technology enhances guest visits and creates the best possible experience for your guests. Preferred hotels are those who offer innovative hotel room tech.

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