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Famous People Who Barely Finished Elementary School

by Elsa Stringer

Education is not always a guarantee for success. This is confirmed by many celebrities who don`t even have a high-school, but today they are rich and famous.

Some of the most popular famous people who don`t have some higher education are Jennifer Lawrence, who dropped out of her high-school education when she was 14 years old.


Harry Styles also quitted his high school when he was 16, because of the audition for an X-Factor, which led him to become one of the members of One Direction, a popular boyband.


Furthermore, Gisele Bundchen, a Brazilian model, left the high school when she was 14, to continue as a model. Despite that, she speaks five languages.


Also, Nicole Kidman left her school too, to become a successful actress as she is today. Nicole started to work in a theatre, and her first role in some movie was when she was 16.

Rihanna left her school when she was 16, and moved to the United States when she was 17, where she begins her music career by signing the contract with a Def Jam label.


One of the currently most popular male actors, Robert Downey Junior, was never successful in school, which he left when he was 15 years old. Johnny Depp also left his school when he was 15, he wanted to become a rock star.

Jay Z left his school because he wanted to work, but instead of that he began selling drugs, and after that, he started with music and became a popular rapper.

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Keanu Reeves left had problems with fitting in society, and left his school when he was 17, after a lot of conflicts with teachers and director of the school.


Whoopi Goldberg left the school because, as she said, she had a lot of problems with a tough childhood, few marriages, and drug abuse.

Tom Cruise also dropped out of school to become an actor. One of the most interesting dropouts from high school is a Quentin Tarantino, who left school when he was only 15, with an IQ over 160.


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Many other popular actors never finished their formal education, and some of them are Daniel Redcliff, Ryan Gosling, John Travolta. Also, some popular music stars like Katy Perry and Avril Lavigne never finished their high schools too.