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8 Tips On How To Expand And Remodel Your Kitchen – 2024 Guide

by Tracy Finke

Renovation projects are a great way to both aesthetically and functionally improve your living space. It makes you fall in love with your home all over again and makes your stay more comfortable.

Kitchen expansion and remodeling is one of the hardest projects in home improvements. They require proper preparations since without them this process can turn into a nightmare.

However, there is nothing more beneficial than a kitchen renovation job. It makes your place more functional and increases the value of your property. For that reason, we prepared you a guide to ease your remodeling project, and save money along the way. Keep reading and learn more about it.

1. Consider your financial funds

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Before you begin with your plan, you first need to determine your finances. The amount you have separated says a lot about how this project will go. Keep in mind that this is a costly job, so it is better to wait a bit until your collect the right amount.

In addition, such renovation and remodeling jobs are done once in a couple of years, so it is better to come up with larger funds. This will help you to create the kitchen of your dreams. However, kitchen remodeling can be done on a budget as well. For that reason, get to planning and determine the costs.

2. Get to planning

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In remodeling jobs, everything depends on the plan. This is the time when all your fantasies are being transferred on paper, and see whether they work together.

Make sure you decide the layout of your kitchen and find a way to make it larger. This can be done by changing the wall structure or connecting it with your dining room. In any case, it might be better to consult with professionals so you can understand your options and create the best cookery possible.

To further increase your property’s value, consider using the space from the expansion and building an island. Many buyers are looking for this kitchen addition, and it significantly increases your chances of selling your home for a better price.

The plan needs to be thorough. For that reason, create a list of all the things you want to change. This will prevent forgetting important things, and going over budget because of an omission.

In addition, you should research and calculate the costs of doing this project on your own, or getting professionals. Besides the costs, calculate the time and the expertise since they are important factors of this job.

3. Consider hiring professionals

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As you may understand from your research it is usually better to hire a professional renovation and remodeling firm for your kitchen improvements. So, if you’re looking for a good design build Los Angeles, make sure to check out the professionals near your area such as koflerdesignbuild.

When it comes to the expansion and remodeling of the kitchen, there are many factors included. Which walls can be taken down, how to minimize the used space to create a larger looking room, etc.

In addition, the outlets and water supplies need to be taken into consideration to come up with functional cookery.

You can also consider a hybrid approach to your renovation situation. For example, you can get professionals to handle the demolition and expansion as well as connecting the plumbing. You can continue doing the remodeling and installing the cabinets, new appliances, and lighting.

4. Inspect your flooring

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One thing that usually gets forgotten is the flooring. The floors get the most damage in the kitchen because it is often exposed to cleaning chemicals and spills. For that reason, make sure you inspect your flooring conditions.

In case they need improvement, you can decide between resurfacing, or getting completely new tiles that will match your room the best. This is determined depending on your budget, so make sure you insert this in your plan.

5. Repairing or replacing the cabinets

The cabinets are among the first things everyone notices when entering your cookery. If they are broken, and their mechanism begins to fail, you can consider completely replacing them. Or, if they are working and looking fine, you can just repaint them and install new modern handles.

When it comes to repainting them, you should consider going for brighter colors. They give an impression of a larger place and surely improve the cooking experience.

This is also the time when you get to install your island. Make sure you make it proportional to your space and leave enough space for unobstructed passing. Keep in mind that the island can be used for storage, so you can have all your pots and pans on quick access.

6. Improve the countertops

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The countertops are another important asset of your kitchen. They should be complementary to your cabinets to create cohesive and harmonic cookery. In case your old tops are in good shape, you should only resurface them. This should save your finances so you can utilize them for something else.

In case your tops are in a bad shape, or you have installed an island and you cannot find a matching countertop piece, you should get new ones. Although there are various options with different costs, it is best to choose between protected wood as an affordable option or marble or stone as a costlier option.

For coloring options, go for something you like that at the same time properly fits the space. You might consult with an interior designer to give you some ideas that you can work with and come up with a decision.

7. Get new appliances

To fully improve your cookery, new appliances are essential. Since you are looking for an improvement, get modern pieces that save electricity and have great aesthetics. In addition, you should consider getting built-in modules to save on space and come up with a better-looking and functional kitchen.

8. Improve lighting

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Lastly, we cannot forget about lighting. It is one of the most important but forgotten elements of every kitchen. Without proper lighting, you cannot put the accent on certain places which will make your cooking a little less enjoyable.

For that reason, consider going for both natural and artificial options. Get your cabinets near your windows, and get all the lighting possible. For artificial modules, go for the main lighting on the center portion, and ambient lights underneath the cabinets to enlighten the cooking area.

This should create great cooking conditions which you will surely enjoy. As a bonus, your home gets an increase in value that should be always appreciated. Just make sure that you fit everything inside your budget, and don’t prolong the project past your planned time frame.