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What Tattoo Machine Should You Buy As A Beginner

by Tracy Finke

Over time, trends have changed in fashion, as well as when it comes to beautification, makeup, etc. We can say that over time, tattoos have become an urban trend – and today almost everyone has at least one tattoo on their body. Bigger, or smaller, visible or hidden – tattoos have become part of the generally accepted lifestyle – while for tattoo masters they have become a good and lucrative business.

If you are talented, creative – and have skillful hands, you may also wish to become a tattoo master. But if you are a beginner, you need to know some things in advance. One of them is the right choice of tattoo machine for beginners.

Tattoo Is The Way You Express Yourself

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Today, tattoos are the medium through which certain people express their thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. For people who are fanatical about this way of expressing themselves, tattooing is an art that reflects their thoughts and ideas.

Of course, just like in any other business, professionals are in charge of realizing certain ideas – so in the world of tattooing, there are people who will make the desired design into a piece of art on your skin. Designers come up with ideas and illustrate various designs and images – and then take them to a tattoo studio so that their clients can be given as much choice as possible.

Today It Is Easier To Be A Tattoo Master With The Help Of Special Machines

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Back in the past, tattoo artists took years to achieve their skills. However, most of them today claim that learning this skill was worth every second. For tattoo masters, a tattoo is an artistic way of expression that they truly love and admire.

In earlier times, tattoos were done by hand, using only a needle to pierce the skin and inject color. Today, everything is much easier because tattoo artists use a special machine that contains a needle designed specifically for tattooing the human body – and use a variety of color palettes that allow them to breathe life into their design, or one of the most sought after techniques in black and white.

Choosing Beginners Tattoo Equipment

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If you’ve decided to use your talent and creativity in this way – know that the golden rule is to PRACTICE first. With a lot of practice, you will be capable to master the skill of calm hands and convey whatever your client wishes are.

Also, you will master the use of a tattoo device of your choice. Speaking of choosing a tattoo machine – many people are wondering what kind of tattooing device to choose when you are a beginner. You got to have in mind you’re still not a pro – so here are some things you need to consider when choosing your tattoo machine.

  • Choose a tattoo machine that is easy to use

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Choosing the simple tattoo machine is rule No.1 for every beginner. So, your tattoo machine should be easy to use because you have not yet mastered the routine of the entire process.

It is quite certain that you will not do some of the complicated designs at the very beginning – but some simpler tattoos. The tattoo machine you use as a beginner must be such to help you master the craft of tattooing – and master the use of the device itself for this purpose.

You can look out for some simple tattoo devices on lumbuy.com/wireless-tattoo-machine/ or other specialized websites.

There you can find one that will suit your current needs. If you’re still thinking about it, we can add that small tattoo pens can be ideal for beginners. First, they are lightweight and easy to use – but they also have wireless power, so you don’t have to worry about freedom of movement when doing a tattoo. In fact, you will learn how to keep your arm relaxed while you work.

  • Weight and ergonomic shape

As we have already mentioned, it takes time for your hand to relax, gain freedom of movement, and do the job without making any mistakes.

Therefore, when you are a beginner, it is important to have a tattoo machine that is light and has good ergonomic properties – so as not to overwork and strain your hand. Such loads most often lead to fatigue, and joint pain – and often to making mistakes, and you certainly do not want that.

  • Reliability of the tattoo machine

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What is always important with a tattoo machine is its reliability. The same as with buying other things – you don’t want any surprises in the form of breakdowns or failures. That’s why beginners are not advised to buy used machines – because you never know if they will break down.

Also, you don’t know whether you will find the parts needed for repair – as well as how much it will cost you. This situation has even led many people to stop tattooing.

  • Price

Of course, this is an important criterion for everyone, not just beginners. Still, for beginners, the price has a slightly deeper meaning. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on a tattoo machine because you still can’t say for sure that tattooing will be your final future choice.

You are just beginning, and you have yet to discover all the secrets of this craft. Therefore, you do not know if you will give up on everything halfway. So don’t invest big money in expensive tattoo machines at the very beginning. If the profession of tattoo master is your final choice – you can do it later.

The Bottom Line

Today, being a tattoo artist is highly valued – especially if you are good at what you do. However, beginners have a long way to go to master this skill and become professionals.

Therefore, choose your first tattoo machine wisely. Whether you opt for a tattoo pen, tattoo gun, or something else – know that it will take time for you to become a top tattoo artist. If that’s what you want, we wish you good luck.