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Kitchen Remodeling Ideas for Your Home

by Tracy Finke

Arguably the most important room in your home, your kitchen is the place where you nourish your family, express your creative flair with new culinary creations, and gather around your friends and family for get-togethers, special occasions and a home-cooked meal. Being the heart of your home, your kitchen should feel like an inspiring place to cook, bake and experiment with new ingredients while also being comfortable and welcoming to those who enter its door.

In this article, we will look at some ways in which you can remodel your kitchen, giving it a more modern and contemporary look and feel. Click here for some kitchen remodeling ideas.


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When choosing your kitchen flooring, in addition to the aesthetics of your floor choice, it’s important to give thought to the function of this room. The kitchen has a multi-purpose function and is one of the rooms with the most traffic in your house.

As well as cooking and eating meals, this could be the room where you do your laundry and where people enter the house from the backyard.  The epicenter for dinner parties or a coffee and cake with friends, your kitchen will see much activity throughout the years.

When considering your kitchen flooring make sure you select a durable material, that is water-resistant and easy to clean spillages as well as muddy feet. Also bear in mind its ability to handle chemicals from cleaning products. Some good flooring options include:

  • Hardwood: This is a popular choice that can add a stylish and contemporary look to your kitchen. As it is not naturally waterproof, this material will require a protective finish to make it resistant to humidity, excess moisture as well as spillages. It is also considered one of the most sustainable choices making it good for the environment.
  • Tile: Great for bathrooms and kitchens, tiles can come in a variety of materials that are durable, easy to clean and water-resistant. Ceramic, travertine, stone, marble, slate, granite and porcelain are just some of the options and they also come in various sizes and colors depending on your preference. An added benefit of tile flooring is its cooling effect making it ideal for warmer climates.
  • Cork: made from granulated cork combined with resin, this choice is a little more high-maintenance than some of the other options. Cork is a relatively inexpensive and eco-friendly choice due to its sustainability. Soft and springy, it is less likely to cause breakages compared to other materials such as granite or stone. However, heavy appliances can cause dents and spillages ought to be cleaned immediately to prevent staining and absorption. Cork flooring ought to be sealed to protect it from moisture and drying out.

Click here for more tips on floor choice selection.

Kitchen Appliances

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The type of appliances you choose is also important when remodeling your kitchen. Depending on their life expectancy, you may decide to replace all or some of your existing appliances.

As a general guide, the lifespan of your refrigerator, dishwashers and dryer is about 12 years, while a gas range has the longest life expectancy of about 15 years.

Before making a decision, take note of the date each appliance was bought to determine if it is more than 50% through its life expectancy. If so, consider replacing it rather than spending money on maintaining it and on any potential repair costs in the future. Click here for more on kitchen appliance maintenance.

A  remodel can be the ideal time to upgrade to a newer model that is energy efficient and also aligns with the new look of your kitchen. Some questions to guide your choice could be: what are your main intentions for the room? Is this a place for entertaining and dining as well as food preparation? Is it more of a practical room that functions as a place to cook and do laundry with dining in a separate room?

Give some thought to how you would like the room to look and feel and fit appliances that marry with this theme. You may prefer a sleek, modern look that incorporates a highly-functional design or a more comforting and snug farmhouse feel with appliances such as an AGA oven.

Whatever the finish you are going for, choose one that matches your lifestyle and gives the room the visual appeal you would like. Visit MyCanadaPayday.com  for help with funding your purchases.


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Storage should be an essential part of your kitchen redesign project. Conveniently storing your dishes, glassware and ingredients can free up space on your counters, giving your kitchen a clean and spacious feel. The following storage features can make your experience in the kitchen easier and more user-friendly:

  • Drawer organizer: While these can be bought separately, fitting drawers with these organizers included can ensure the right fit, adding a sleek, high-end feel to your kitchen drawers.
  • Trash and recycling pullout: A handy pullout option for your recycling and trash can make it easier to dispose of your kitchen waste while keeping unwanted odors away. It also removes the need for a trash can taking up valuable floor space, making mopping and sweeping the floor more effortless.
  • Pull-out pantry: A walk-in or pull-out pantry is a great way to save space in your kitchen. Housing all of your ingredients in an easily accessible and neatly organized manner helps you to locate exactly what you need and also to keep your kitchen looking tidy and streamlined.
  • Under sink drawer: utilize the space under your sink to store away cleaning products and other kitchen supplies such as kitchen towels, trash bags and reusable shopping bags to make your kitchen more organized and uncluttered.
  • Spice rack: Having a convenient way to select your spices can make cooking easier and less time-consuming. With your spices neatly arranged in a spice rack, you can save time scouring through your jars looking for the right one, while also adding a colorful display to your kitchen shelf. You can find some examples of spice racks on Party Kingdom.

With these three tips in your mind your kitchen remodel can get underway in a smooth and successful manner ensuring you are happy with the result.