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Everyone Believes Her Name is Ivanka Trump, But it is Not The Truth

by Nebojša Vujinović

There’s a lot of interesting stories surrounding the Trump family, and this might be the one in that department. All of us know Ivanka Trump, but is that really so? You’ll be shocked to hear that Ivanka is not her real name. Yes, you heard that right. This is a common misconception regarding her birth name. Luckily, we had Ivanka explain the matter to all of us, but since she’s still using Ivanka on all fronts, people still don’t know the truth.

Ivanka is the daughter of former Us President Donald Trump and former Czech model Ivana Trump. Her mother, Ivana was in charge of giving the name to their firstborn daughter, the same way Donald was for their first son. So, while Ivanka makes sense to the American people, believing it is some form of Eastern European name, people from the Czech Republic know better. The misconception comes from the fact that Trump’s daughter uses the wrong name herself.

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Back in the day, when Ivana Maria Trump was a hot commodity in New York as the wife of one Donald Trump, newspapers were all over her. She posed for the front pages of numerous magazines. Thanks to this, once when she was employed by Business Insider, the truth about her daughter came in front. It turns out that both of them share the same name similarly to Donald Trump and Donald Trump Jr. So, Ivanka is not really Ivanka, but Ivana, just like her mother.

Ivanka wanted to share the true story with her followers, so she posted about this on her Twitter account. This is how Trump’s favorite daughter described the mess surrounding her name: “My actual name is Ivana. In Czech, Ivanka is the baby name for Ivana, like Bobby is to Robert. RT @Saluxious Ivanka, how’d you get u r name?” As you can see some of her followers were wondering how did she get her name, and she explained the matter, showing us in the process that it is not her name but the nickname which is best known to all of us.

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The public was on the wrong side of the matter for a long time. It’s hard to know this without a proper explanation unless you are of Czech origin yourself. The interesting part is that Ivanka decided to go through life using her nickname. Considering that she was a member of the staff in the White House, and still went by Ivanka, it would be a wonder if she ever uses her real name again. We could also say that it might be too late for her to switch to her original name now. She’s been known as Ivanka for too long, to make the change, if she even wants this. Her nickname also became a brand of sorts, and we wouldn’t love it any other way.