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Have You Heard, a Leading Harry Potter Role Was Played by Multiple Actors

by Nebojša Vujinović

This might be hard to believe or even divulge but it’s true. Some of the actors weren’t always available for filming during the long stretch the movies were made. Because of this, replacements have been found to fill the gap left by leading actors. The situation we’re talking about was similar to having a stuntman. The shock for you will be to hear that we’re talking about Emma Watson’s character, Hermione Granger.

If you are a part of the Harry Potter generation, you probably grew up with the actors portraying the three leading roles, Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Watching these three growing up and fighting their magical battles was a major part of many people’s youth. After all, we did go through their entire schooling at Hogwarts. But, at the same time, the actors had their own schooling to attend, and due to these obligations, Emma Watson was absent much more than other members of the cast.

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Now, beware that we’re talking about the later installments. Back in 2014, Watson, who plays the titular character, Hermione Granger was in college. She even graduated from Brown University that year. While her degree in English Literature was on the table, she was not always on set to film the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part. The actress had more important things to attend, and a replacement for her had to be found to act in some peculiar scenes.

Please note that Watson took her studies to the US, and she was not able to fly as often to finish the series she started. It is a matter of fact that she played in all eight pieces but to some degree, she also didn’t. It was her co-star Rupert Grint who talked about this. According to the man who played Ron Weasley, the cast and the crew of the Harry Potter films developed a few techniques to battle the absence of one of the leading stars. One of the primary ones was the usage of a prosthetic mask that would mimic her face. The difference was hard to notice due to the wide shots they employed. Watson was, of course, there for the important scenes. But for those she wasn’t needed to be there, Emma often had a double onset. Grint also talked about this.

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This goes hand in hand with Watson’s personality and works ethic, as she is even now working on a couple of things at the same time. Emma serves as UN Women Goodwill Ambassador and is building her acting resume. Her last big role came in 2019 in Little Women. Things are also going well in her personal life as she is in a long relationship with Leo Robinton, as the pair have been dating since at least 2019. Not much is known about him, or their relationship, as Watson likes to keep things to herself.

So, it comes as no surprise that took us this long that she actually had a lot of help in portraying Hermione Granger. What about you? Did you know about the fact that Watson wasn’t 100% involved in the filming of the later installments of the Harry Potter franchise?