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Eco-friendly Jewelry – The New Luxury Trend In 2024

by Victoria Boatright

In the modern age, we are all encouraged to adopt eco-friendly practices and be aware of the environment; not to mention the ethical impact that our actions and decisions may have on others. In our day to day lives, we may find some things relatively easy to follow when it comes to adopting an eco-friendly way of life, but is this something that we can do when it comes to jewelry?

In this article, we will explore the decisions that you can take to be more ethical aware when you are making your choices. Eco-friendly jewelry is, without a doubt, the new luxury trend of 2024, but what can we do to follow the trend? You may be looking to buy something for yourself, or perhaps it’s because you want to propose, in which case this engagement ring education guide from ICONIC will help, whatever your reasons we hope that you realize that small changes can make a big difference.

The changes start with individuals and small businesses rather than governments and politicians. While none of us are perfect, we can all do things that will help to make our world a better place and save the planet for future generations. Here are some points which are worth considering.

Choose Smaller Retailers, Not High Street Stores

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Regardless of what you are shopping for, by choosing to purchase items from smaller independent retailers, you will help to reduce wastage. Smaller jewelers won’t mass produce items, nor will they keep large stocks which help to reduce the amount of wastage packaging. The smaller jewelry stores, whether they are on the high street or online, are more likely to source ethical sourced gems and metals.

Independents are often more concerned about their image and their reputation, so do things correctly, which, in turn, helps to save the planet. Each customer is vital to a small business, making false claims or being seen to “do the wrong thing” can have a catastrophic effect on their trade. It will make owners acutely aware of the world around them, which often means that they are more appreciative. The more appreciative they are, the more likely they are to protect it, and again, this includes the environment.

Helping to support small businesses in challenging times can also be beneficial for your community. It helps to keep people employed, thus meaning that money remains in the local economy. It will also encourage individuals to become independent jewelers or jewelry designers, making them realize that they can earn a living. The knock-on effect is that they too are likely to adopt ethical and eco-friendly ideals.

The Importance of Eco-friendly Jewelry

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Thankfully, as more people are becoming aware of the environmental and ethical issues surrounding the jewelry industry, it has started to make it fashionable; indeed, some are even suggesting that it is a luxury trend. While some trends may come and go, the objective of this trend is to change people’s way of thinking and make them realize the value of the eco-friendly, ethical, and sustainable business.

Precious metals, including gold and silver, are finite and reserves will at one point run out. Jewelry that uses recycled metals is no less valuable as it will be refined. It helps to save resources, while at the same time protecting areas from excessive mining and the inevitable destruction of wildlife habitats which is a serious problem around larger mines. These mines don’t just cause environmental damage through blasting, but it is also the chemicals that are used in the retrieval process that can have devastating consequences.

Gemstones, and in some cases precious metals, should be ethically sourced, ideally from smaller mines where workers will be paid a fair price. The illegal gems trade, such as in parts of Africa and war-torn countries, causes social damage which compounds the environmental impact. When you are buying jewelry, and you want to support more modern thinking, it is vital that you check the origins of stones to ensure firstly, that they are ethically sourced, and secondly, so that you know that you are buying a genuine product.

At Iconic, we always endeavor to seek out ethical suppliers. We choose products where the raw materials have been appropriately sourced and can produce the relevant paperwork. We also select mines that do what they can to reduce their carbon footprint, restore communities, landscapes, and habitats to how they used to be before mining commenced. Our jewelers, wherever possible, try to recycle precious metals and gemstones to reduce the environmental impact.

Consider the Packaging and Shipping

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As an online retailer, we are conscious of the impact of the masses of packaging that we receive. As such, we try to keep the packaging that we use for our products to a minimum. We select boxes that are recyclable or biodegradable, better still, reusable! We avoid plastic tape and use paper packing tape while also ensuring that all our labels are made from recycled paper.

When it comes to shipping, we try to use logistics companies that support neutral carbon deliveries. In every aspect of our business, we are aware of the environmental impact that we could be having and always do whatever we can to minimize it. We want others to do the same, so we will finish on precisely why eco-friendly jewelry is a luxury trend!

Why You Should Follow the New Luxury Trend

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Global superstars are supporting an array of good causes, and an increasing number are now realizing the importance of eco-friendly jewelry. Social media influencers also recognize the value of society as well as an opportunity to make money.

If you are concerned that this type of jewelry may look inferior, think again! Recycled precious metals are refined again and look the same as the new gold. Gemstones are millions of years old and are incredibly durable, so they are unlikely to have sustained any damage.

Recycling is very much in vogue, and by following this with jewelry, you will prove that you are that dedicated follower of fashion that you have always claimed to be! You will look great, be fashionable, and follow the latest trend, while at the same time, helping to save the planet.