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Easter in Quarantine: Best DIY Projects for Kids

by Tracy Finke

Most likely, this year’s Easter we will spend in quarantine in our homes with our closest family. But that does not mean that we should not celebrate it as cheerfully as we have done so far. Here’s a little help from us – we bring you lots of ideas on how to motivate your children during this holiday, and turn Easter preparation into the game.

Kids can make – making bunnies, Easter decorations, egg ornaments, baskets, and other things. Look at some ideas, have fun, and stay home.

Colorful Easter paper crafts

As you certainly have paper in the house, these projects we found for you can be put into action today. Make Easter interesting for you and your kid with these fun, colorful projects.

Images source: thehousethatlarsbuilt.com

Make these cute thin cardboard party hats and decorate them with long ears and mustaches to resemble bunnies. A great way to spice up the Easter celebration.

Easter glasses are another easy but really fun project. It’s enough to print bunny and/or egg-shaped glasses templates. Paint them as you wish and remember to take a picture!

Image source: picklebums.com

Egg carton ideas

You don’t have to make a whole mask for a kid to have fun. Animal noses from different animals are enough, and you can play together with them as well.

Image source: Pinterest

Have fun coloring your egg cartons, add paper details, and tie everything into a cute train. The kid is sure to be delighted!

Image source: Pinterest

Use a smaller egg box to make a giraffe mask. Just make holes for the eyes and nose, add horns from the inside of the box and draw a giraffe figure with a brown marker.

Image source: Pinterest

Vegetable crafts

This coloring technique is very interesting to the youngest. Cut the potatoes in half, then chop them depending on the pattern you want. Dip it in color and start the magic of the potato stamps.

Image source: bonnybabeschildcare.com.au

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