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Dwayne Johnson Reveals The Reason Behind His Father’s Demise

by Sinisav

HEEL BY NATURE – 01/20/2020: As you already know, famous WWE wrestler Rocky Johnson passed away. Now, his son, Dwayne Johnson, an even more renowned wrestler and Hollywood superstar shared the reason behind Rocky’s demise.

Hall of Fame wrestler Rocky Johnson was in his home in Lutz, Florida, in the moment of his passing. The first one to talk about his death and what might cause it was another WWE fighter Brian Blair who spoke with The Tampa Bay Times.

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Blair revealed that Rocky Johnson died of natural causes when a blood clot went from his leg into his lungs. Before his death, Johnson was ill. For two weeks, he had issues with a flue. At first, he was not complied with seeing a doctor, but he eventually caved in and asked for medical attention.

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After Blair, Rocky’s son Dwayne The Rock Johnson also decided to fill in his followers and all of those who cared for his father of his passing away via Instagram. Jumanji actor confirmed that the reason for his father’s death was a heart attack that occurred as a consequence of deep vein thrombosis.

Rocky Johnson will be buried in a private funeral, which will be attended by family and a group of close friends. The funeral is scheduled for January 21st. Johnson, the star of movies such as Fast & Furious and Hobbs & Shaw, confirmed that he would be the one giving a eulogy for his father.

The Rock added that he wrote and gave a lot of speeches in his lifetime but that this one will be the hardest ever. Not knowing where to start, San Andreas star will be looking for inspiration in a glass of strong drink and positive thoughts about his late dad.

Among famous colleagues of Rocky Johnson, it is known that Ric Flair will be attending the funeral as they remained close friends even after Rocky’s WWE adventure came to an end.

WWE also decided to honor one of its biggest stars by giving 10-bell salutes for Rocky at all of their upcoming live events

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