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Barron Trump Wearing Same Clothes as His Mother Melania

by Sinisav

EXPRESS – 01/19/2020: It is a known fact that Barron Trump spends more time with his mother Melania Trump than with his father, Donald Trump. This was the case even before Donald became president of the United States. Today we can see that a close relationship with his mother reflects on the way he dresses.

Barron Trump’s outfit we are talking about was worn by him during Trump’s family visit to their Holiday resort, Mar-a-Lago, at Palm Beach, Florida. Barron was photographed while exiting the Air Force One, accompanied by his parents. Trump’s youngest child has some good genes as he’s almost taller than both of his parents at only 13 years old. Some people are already predicting an NBA career for him.

Barron Trump

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He was wearing an all-black combination of pants and a t-shirt with a green bomber and $80 New Balance sneakers. His mother wore almost identical combination during her visit to Texas right after Hurricane Harvey brought disaster to the region.

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Unlike her son, who was dressed casually and not too expensive, Melania Trump changed her clothes two times, and each time those were designer clothes. Before switching to a white dress, she wore a pink camel hair coat from Max Mara worth $1.570.

Barron Trump

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Trump’s family spent some time at their Mar-a-Lago resort before Trump’s impeachment trial began. The reason for their visit to this destination was a fundraiser intended for the Trump Victory Fund.

The impeachment trial began in the mid-time, but the chances are not high for him to be impeached. In order to lose his position as the 45th US President, all 45 Democrats would have to vote against him. As the Senate has a Republican majority, there would also have to be 20 Republicans to vote for this decision. Also, the two independent members would have to side with Trump being impeached.

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Source: express.co.uk