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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Has an Adorable Ritual With His Daughter

by Elsa Stringer

Hollywood superstar and former WWE wrestler Dwayne Johnson, 47, shared with his fans an adorable pre-shower ritual that he has with his soon-to-be-2-year-old daughter Tiana Gia Johnson.


Before he takes a shower his daughter asks him to sing to her, so he does! However, it is not all about singing as the father-daughter duo also washes their hands to stay safe during coronavirus quarantine.


Here is what the actor wrote in the caption about this special moment for his family:

“Our sheltering at home, pre daddy’s shower ritual. Before my showers now, Baby Tia (mama mia) demands I sing the rap portion of my song ‘You’re Welcome’ from MOANA, while I wash her hands. We realized a few weeks ago that the rap portion of the song is perfect timing when getting your little ones to have fun washing their hands. Stay healthy and safe, my friends. And gotta love how at the start of this vid, baby Tia is like, ‘just shut your mouth and sing daddy.’”

The video almost has 20 million views and over 63,000 comments, and his fans are saying how cute and adorable they are. Johnson is among the most popular celebrities in the world, and he has 177 million followers on Instagram where he regularly posts things from his amazing and colorful life.


Young Tiana is the second daughter of Johnson and his long-time girlfriend Lauren Hashian, who recorded the video above. Their other daughter’s name is Jasmine, and she is 4. He also has an 18-year-old daughter Simone Alexandra with his former partner Dany Garcia.

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Many other celebrities have posted similar videos with their children, where they are teaching them and reminding the fans how to wash their hands properly and for how long, while performing all kinds of songs and silly antics.