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5 Ways How a Doorbell Camera Can Actually Make Your Home Safer

by Nina Smith

Nowadays, there are numerous methods you can implement to improve the security of your property. Let’s be honest, in the past, people only had a few options, but today, technology has provided us with different types of devices and security systems.

A doorbell camera is without a doubt one of the most widely used gadgets. Millions of households around the world have it not only because it can be purchase almost anywhere, but it is also very simple to use and install. So, the question arises. Can it actually make your home safer?

1. See who is at your porch

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Did you know that most burglaries occur during the day? In the morning and around noon, to be more exact. Why? Well, generally speaking, this is the time of the day when most homes are empty. Adults are at work, and kids are at school.
When you have a doorbell camera installed, it enables you to monitor your front yard at any moment and see who is approaching your front door. They don’t even have to knock. This depends on the type of doorbell camera you choose, but some of them have a motion sensor feature that enables them to activate and start recording the moment someone comes close to it. What’s more, some of them also record non-stop and store the footage on the server for you to watch later. It basically means that your property will be supervised at all times, which is something that will definitely protect your home from burglars.

2. Use it to communicate

Sometimes, burglars will attempt to pose as a salesperson and ring the bell to check if you are home. When no one opens the door, they take it as a sign that no one is there and proceed with their action. However, if you go with a top-notch doorbell camera, you will be able to actually speak with the person. You can fool them into thinking that you are home and that you just aren’t interested in whatever they are selling. Furthermore, once they hear your voice, they will know that they are being recorded and leave. No burglar will proceed knowing that there are cameras everywhere.

3. Gather video footage

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This brings us to the next benefit. In case anything happens on your property, this camera will record it, and you can access the video stored on a cloud. If someone tries to break into your home or even manages to do it, you will know who it was in a matter of minutes.

This footage can also be used as evidence, and it will help the police find the culprit once they start investigating the crime. It can help them catch the criminal who robbed you. On the other hand, if they don’t succeed, you can always use these recordings and present them to your insurance company. If they have these, there is no chance that they will deny your claim.

4. Connect it to a smart lock

If you want to go a step further and have a smart lock on your front door, you can connect these two systems and manage them from afar. Isn’t technology great? By combining these two gadgets, you will significantly improve the overall security of your home. First of all, these locks cannot be easily picked. Secondly, even if someone were to try to do it, the system will inform you immediately, and you will be able to act as soon as possible. Plus, don’t forget that the doorbell camera will record everything, so it won’t be possible to mistake one of your family members with a burglar.

5. Nighttime vision feature

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If you travel frequently, and therefore, your house is empty for a few days at a time, you should consider getting a camera that has a nighttime vision feature. If you were to go with a basic camera, it would only be able to capture the footage during the daytime. This isn’t very beneficial when you are away for a week.

Because of this, you should go with a state-of-the-art model that includes the infrared feature. It will enable you to see what’s going on in your front yard, regardless of the time of day or night. Besides, you can rest assured that the footage it captures will be of the highest quality. If you want to learn more about these, visit www.spycamera.com.

Is a doorbell camera enough?

Well, the answer to this question is quite complex. It can be in certain situations, but in others, it should be a part of a larger home security system. If you live in suburbia and know all your neighbors, a simple doorbell camera is probably more than enough. On the other hand, if you live in a busy city, you should probably think about incorporating other gadgets into your home’s security system.

Then, you have to choose this device smartly. You should make a list of requirements and go with a product that meets all of them. For example, if the camera is too far from the router, the Wi-Fi connection won’t be great, and therefore, the footage won’t be of top quality.

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Moreover, you should also go with one that has a time stamp on all of the recordings. This is another great feature that will enable you to go over the material faster or choose the one that was created at a specific moment. It can be quite useful if you suspect that someone stole a package from your front door and you know the exact time it had been delivered.

Nevertheless, if you want to ensure the best security of your property, you should consider installing other devices and gadgets such as a smart lock and smart lighting system. All of these can be managed via a Wi-Fi connection, so you will be able to supervise your home at any moment, regardless of your location.

Finally, just installing these and putting up a small sign somewhere to inform people can prove to be enough to scare off potential intruders. No one in their right mind would try to rob a place that has a smart system because their chances of them escaping would be quite slim.