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TSM Hamlinz Net Worth 2024 – Popular Twitch Streamer and a Youtuber

by Elsa Stringer

Even though the traditional sports aren’t going to be replaced any time soon, there is no doubt that eSports have been on the rise in the 2010s. It all started with a game or two that were truly watched all around the world, but now there are professional teams in many games and they attract a lot of people on their streams.

League of Legends really rose in popularity in the early 2010s, which enabled a lot of people to go pro, join a lot of teams all over the world and earn a lot of money playing in the continental or world tournaments.


One of the most popular organizations has always been, and it still is Team SoloMid or better known as TSM. They are mostly known for their dominance in the NA LCS in League of Legends.

But, since there have been other games like Fortnite that have been popularized in the near past, so organizations like TSM signed a lot of players that play other games as well.

One of them is Hamlinz who is an eSports player that is currently a Twitch streamer and a Youtuber. These pro organizations have been signing streamers and Youtubers in order for their brand to be seen on those platforms as well. Hamlinz was a good pick for TSM since he has over 62 million views on Youtube and 21 million views on Twitch from 1.8 million followers on that platform.



Even though he is mostly a Fortnite player, he does love him some RuneScape, Call of Duty and Halo. His real name is Darryle Hamlin, born in 1995, which makes him 24 years old. He has been a huge gaming fan ever since he was 4 but has also liked soccer when he was a kid.

Darryle Hamlin


Due to a severe ankle sprain that he suffered playing soccer, he moved away from it and tried his chances in the gaming world. He currently resides in TSM’s gaming house in California, and he also has some really popular teammates like TSM Myth and Daequan.

We do know that streamers aren’t only making money from the platforms that they are working on, but from sponsors as well. Hamlinz was fortunate enough to strike deals with brands like G Fuel, Dr. Pepper, Chipotle and Geico. Those are some nice sponsors to have, they are always going to push you to keep going and produce high-quality content.

This sounds easy when we are mentioning all of these things in this manner, but there’s no doubt that Hamlinz deserves the attention that he got from TSM. He quickly rose on Youtube, passing the 1M subscriber mark on Youtube during the summer of 2018.

Things in eSports are working the same way they are in real sports. If you are on the rise, somebody is going to pick you up sooner rather than later. The skill and the popularity that Hamlinz had were guaranteed to get him noticed.


Today, Hamlinz net worth is estimated at around 900 thousand dollars, but we do believe that he is going to continue doing his thing and keep his success going in the future.