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Donald Trump With An Unprecedented Attack on Barack Obama

by Sinisav

POLITICAL FLARE – 02/23/2020: A day doesn’t pass without Donald J. Trump taking a dig at someone. By now, during his four-year tenure at the White House, you already know who are his favorite targets. Among those mentioned most frequently, one name stands out. It is the former President Barrack Hussein Obama.

A few days ago, President Trump held a rally in Las Vegas, Nevada. The latest of his rallies shows a pattern in the scheduling of these events. It seems that POTUS visits those places where during the next day, a Democratic nominating contest will be held. This is becoming evident as we already had similar situations in New Hampshire and Iowa.

Donald Trump

Source: marketwatch.com

This pattern is obviously part of Donald Trump’s campaign, as he is scheduled to appear in South and North Carolina precisely one day before Democrat primaries in named states.

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Back to his Las Vegas rally. Another pattern is also evident. It has been for a long time. During his rallies, President Trump will spend an equal amount of time talking about how great he is and how inadequate Democrats are. This is nothing new. After a part where he explains how not-good the democrats’ candidates are, he usually singles one out.

But, this time he went a little further. Just like during the 2016 presidential campaign, he decided to call out Barack Obama. But, the manner in which he decided to do it is beyond what we are accustomed to, even from Donald Trump.

President Trump decided to explain one significant difference between him and ex-President Barack Obama. It seems that POTUS believes that he’s a better person and politician than Obama just because his middle name is John, while Obama’s is Hussein. He also wanted to show us that Obama’s middle name is Arab or Muslim, while his name is pure American. We hear a lot of nonsense from Donald Trump, but this time he went overboard.

With all statements that Donald J. Trump makes every day, this one is by far the most xenophobic, sick, racist, and nationalistic so far.

Source: politicalflare.com