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Something’s Wrong With Joe Biden Claims Donald Trump

by Sinisav

THE GUARDIAN – 03/07/2020: The general elections are in November. It’s a long way to go, and it’s going to be a lot of dirty dancing, especially from Donald Trump’s side. Joe Biden can already tell how ugly it will get. After the Super Tuesday, POTUS made an attack on Biden’s cognitive abilities.

The attacks on Biden will only get more frequent from now on. It will be a standard part of Trump’s campaign. Trump, who himself was more than once, in recent months accused of having a cognitive impairment dared to say that “something is wrong with Biden.” God only knows the things he will say when the elections come close.

Joe Biden

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This attack was one of the first digs at Joe Biden since his unexpected Super Tuesday victory. Bide, who is now a front-runner for Democrat nominee, won in ten out of fourteen states. This victory surprised Donald Trump, who admitted that he was preparing himself to face Bernie Sanders in the general elections.

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During an appearance at a Fox News town hall in Scranton, Pennsylvania POTUS said about Biden: “Then we have this crazy thing that happened on Tuesday, which [Biden] thought was Thursday, but he also said 150 million people were killed with guns and that he was running for the United States Senate. There’s something going on there.”

This sort of behavior is nothing new, as Biden is now famous for his gaffes and incomprehensible debates. But, now that he has Trump as his adversary, things will, as we already said, get ugly. It will not be a pretty sight seeing two seventy-years-old telling one another they have dementia. But, it is a part of the US political culture, to put your trust into senior candidates.

November is still a few months away, but the most exciting things will happen during the campaign, and we are looking forward to them.

Source: theguardian.com