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Adorable Moment Between Barron Trump And Ivanka Trump Exposed

by Sinisav

EXPRESS – 04/27/2020: The members of the Trump family get along well, at least Ivanka Trump and Barron Trump. A few years ago, Ivanka shared a post on her Twitter profile showing how she adores Barron. The video shows Donald Trump’s youngest son, and Ivanka’s and Jared Kushner’s son Theodore James Kushner.

The event we are talking about took place on January 23rd of 2017 when Donald Trump was signing his first executive order. But, POTUS wasn’t the focus as his son and grandson played in the background and caught the eye of the camera. Barron Trump was playing peek-a-boo with his young Theodore. The pair even attempted a high five. Ivanka was watching over them, smiling and bouncing her baby.

Barron Trump

Source: youtube.com

In the same room, there were almost all members of Donald Trump’s family, including Melania Trump, Eric Trump, Jared Kushner, and vice-president Mike Pence. Ivanka captioned the moment on Twitter with: “My youngest brother proves he’s a baby whisperer ‒ while my father signs his first executive orders.”

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Ivanka Trump and Barron Trump are brother and sister through their father, Donald Trump. The first daughter comes from Trump’s marriage with Ivana Trump, while Barron is his only child from his marriage with former supermodel Melania Knauss. Ivanka herself has three children Arabella Rose, Joseph Frederick, and Theodore James.

While Barron is currently taking a break from school and has no true obligations, Ivanka runs on a busy schedule as she’s an adviser to her father, Donald Trump. The first daughter, as she’s often referred to, became a member of White House staff after her father assumed office. Her husband, Jared Kushner, is also a member of White House staff, which was a reward for both of them as they were loyal to Trump through his campaign for the presidency.

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