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Donald Trump Jr Humiliated By Billy Porter on Twitter

by Sinisav

New Now Next – 01/30/2020: If you want to be noticed, do what Billy Porter did at Grammys. His outfit was so eye-catching that even some political structures in the US took notice. One of the standout people in Donald Trump’s administration, his son Donald Trump Jr, found Porter’s look interesting.

Trump Jr liked it so much that he wanted to use it to push his political agenda. In hindsight, he shouldn’t have done that. But, he couldn’t know that Porter will see what he did and respond in fashion.

Donald Trump Jr

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At the moment, President Donald Trump is on trial for abuse of power. His defense consists of attacks on his political adversaries. POTUS is trying to make scapegoats from Joe Biden and his son. According to Trump’s logic, it is a bigger crime to get a job in a Ukrainian company than to influence the Ukrainian President to investigate your political rivals.

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Donald Trump Jr tried to put shade on Bidens’ by tweeting that apparently, kids of politicians are off-limits to prosecution, aiming at Bidens’ son. In addition to what he wrote, he shared Billy Porter’s video from Grammys, which shows him behind a cowboy hat, slowly revealing his face.

Porter was not amused by Trump Jr’s post, and he even responded to him. Porter called both the President and his son corrupt. In the process, he made fun of Trump Jr for using his video to throw a shade at someone. Furthermore, he pointed out when and how his video should be used by adding it below his comment.

President’s eldest son will now think twice before posting anything on Twitter as this post received backlash from both Porter and other Internet users. But, if you look at his father and his Twitter account, we can be sure they are immune to critics, and not in the right way.

Source: newnownext.com