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Donald Trump Jr Attacks CNN on Twitter, Calls Them ‘Stupid’

by Sinisav

RAW STORY – 02/25/2020: When Donald Trump isn’t available to stir the pot, there’s someone who will. His son Donald Trump Jr decided to go on a rant against global network CNN. Don Jr stated that CNN is a danger for democracy with its reports of Russian meddling in the US elections.

CNN, like most other networks in America, daily reports about the news that Russia could interfere with 2024 Elections in November. This story is nothing new, as we already witnessed Kremlin influencing the elections in 2016. This was confirmed by different US law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

Donald Trump Jr

Source: sputniknews.com

Don Jr, who went on a dinner with a Russian lawyer only so that he could collect dirt on Hillary Clinton, now has issues with media outlets writing about this. Donald Trump’s eldest son claims that CNN is trying to influence the elections more than Russians by reporting on this.

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Just like his father, Don Jr decided to launch his tirade on CNN on Twitter: “CNN is so stupid they don’t even understand the irony of how they’ve done more damage than any ‘Russian operation’ could ever have dreamed.”

Yes, this sounds hypocritical coming from a Trump, but that didn’t stop Don Jr from continuing: “The media has done one hell of a job these past 4 years in attempting to delegitimize [sic] our election process.”

Donald Trump, the President, not the son, is also trying to put an end to these stories. It was reported that a senior US intelligence officer already said to the Congress that Russia already made moves regarding this year’s elections. Because of this, POTUS decided to release from duties the man who was in charge of national intelligence.

CNN also reported on this, but their story claimed that the named official, Shelby Pierson, wasn’t entirely accurate in his claims. At the moment, Kremlin isn’t working on getting Trump reelected. Russians only see him as someone they could cooperate with.

Source: rawstory.com