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Donald Trump Delusion: Mr. President Believes He’s Superman

by Sinisav

POLITIC FLARE – 02/09/2020: Donald Trump always finds a way to be in the center of attention. It has nothing to do with him being the President. Trump s like that, pompous. Today, he once again managed to make the world talk about him. You won’t believe the reason.

If you remembered a couple of months ago, POTUS shared a photo of himself, where the head belonged to him while the body was of one Rocky Balboa. Posting a picture of a famous movie character, and in this manner was weird, to say the least. What made it even more unusual was a frivolous move considering he was in the midst of impeachment process.

Donald Trump

Source: politicalflare.com

Fast forward a few months and impeachment trial is over, and Trump has been acquitted. With his one-sided victory, Trump must feel like a hero. The photo he shared certainly shows us so. It’s just this time he took it one step further. A mortal hero of Rocky’s stature won’t do anymore. Donald Trump raised himself to another level.

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During Friday night, Trump shared a video that depicts him as one of the greatest superheroes of all time – the Superman. The video starts with an old lady who suggests that Trump should be considered a hero for all the things he has done so far during his presidency and continue to do. She even said that we should take a cape and wrap it on Trump’s back so that everyone would know he is a hero. A hero, just like Superman.

The named video is spiced with a soundtrack similar to the one from old Superman movies.

This wasn’t the first time Trump felt like Superman. Last year, during November, there were reports that President wasn’t feeling well. The stories were quickly denied, and Trump supporters wanted to show us just how much they were wrong. Below you can see SuperTrumps x-ray image, which also shows him with a cape, obviously alluding at Superman.

Source: politicalflare.com