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Donald Trump And Joe Biden Are Going All Out On Twitter

by Sinisav

NEW YORK POST – 05/24/2020: Donald Trump doesn’t want to have Joe Biden succeed him in the Oval Office. His campaign for reelection is underway, and it’s based on bashing Joe Biden on every corner.

During an interview on Sunday, POTUS ripped into his Democrat rival: “I don’t think he remembers what he did yesterday.” Among other things, President Trump was asked what he thinks Biden’s strongest side is.

Donald Trump

Source: nypost.com

Talking to Full Measure News, Trump responded with: “Well, I would have said experience, but he doesn’t really have experience because I don’t think he remembers what he did yesterday. So how is that experience?”

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Trump couldn’t stop talking bad about Biden. After all, this is what’s his campaign is based on. Talking about Biden’s intelligence, Trump said: “He’s been there a long time. He was never known as a smart person.”

While Trump enjoys bashing his rival, the people of America are dissatisfied with POTUS, as he went playing golf amid coronavirus pandemic. He’s been away from golf for 76 days since pandemic started. In that time-span, almost 100 thousand Americans died from COVID-19.

Talking about his golf passion, Donald Trump said: “I do miss it. I haven’t played really since this problem that we have started.”

His passion was used against him by Joe Biden, who criticized him on Twitter: “Nearly 100,000 lives have been lost, and tens of millions are out of work. Meanwhile, the president spent his day golfing.”

The things will only get more interesting down the orad as the November election approaches. The fight for all votes is on, and at the moment the two candidates are fighting for Afro-American votes. Trump is going all in according to following tweet: “I HOPE ALL AFRICAN AMERICANS WILL READ AND STUDY THIS. 100% CORRECT. SLEEPY JOE WILL NEVER GET YOU THERE. HE NEVER HAS IN THE PAST. I WILL & HAVE!!!”

Source: nypost.com