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Does PvP Gear Matter in Shadowlands – 2024 Guide

by Tracy Finke

World of Warcraft has been one of the most popular games in the world for well over a decade now. The funny thing is, it doesn’t seem like that’s going to change any time soon. Just under a year ago, Blizzard has blessed their fans with the 8th instalment, or better yet, the eighth major expansion pack in Shadowlands.

The expansion pack was dropped back in late 2024, and now that we have had more than enough time to play around and explore the game, we wanted to guide you through it and answer some burning questions about PvP.

Is Shadowlands Worth It?

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Shadowlands will set you back $40 for Base Edition, $60 for the Heroic Edition or$80 for the Epic Edition, plus a monthly fee of about $15 for the Base. All in all, it’s not a lot of money, but still, it is not the cheapest in the world.

Heroic and Epic edition come with a few benefits, including a free level 50 character, a mount, some new pretty weapons, and even an in-game pet. Overall, it is far from a waste of money, but before you invest, here’s something you should know.  Feel free to check out Leprestore services If you are interested in WoW Boost in Shadowlands.

Listen closely – this is the best expansion since the Legion! Sure, a lot of the stuff that was changed in the new expansion pack was mostly just cosmetic retouches, but there was some really major improvement as far as the core gameplay goes, as well. It is a complex expansion pack with some minor problems, but the good stuff so obviously outweighs the bad. Leveling up your characters to level 60 is a blast, and so are the dungeons and raids. Obviously, we can’t forget about the Arena and the PvP, which is arguably the most entertaining thing you can do in-game.

So, what’s the verdict? Well, if you’ve been playing WoW, we’re confident you’ve already been playing this for almost a year and believe that we can pretty much agree on the fact that Shadowlands is absolutely worth it! Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way – let’s talk PvP.

What Do You Need To Know About Arena?

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The Arena has been a significant part of the World of Warcraft experience for a long time. It’s a place where you go and clash with other players in a battle to the death. It is a proper showing of skill, and some deem it to be the place where you can go and prove yourself worthy of being called a WoW player.

Shadowlands has made some significant changes to the Arena that have made it easier than ever to emerge victorious from an Arena match, regardless of whether you’re an Alliance or a Horde man.

On that note, here’s what you need to know if you want to get better at Arena.

Does Strategy Matter?

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This might sound weird, because quite frankly, strategy always matters, but when Shadowlands dropped, it might’ve looked like you could just get by with brute force. However, that wasn’t the case. Sure, if you’re overpowering your opponent, you won’t have to think about rotating and strategy too much, but still, the game still requires a certain level of strategy, especially in a 3v3 situation.

Depending on the class of the character you’re playing with, rotations and strategy will be more or less critical. Understanding which skills work best in a PvP matchup and how to rotate to make the most of your character could make the difference between winning and losing.

We would advise not wasting your time on understanding many different classes at an average level, as that won’t really get you far. Instead, focus on a few, three tops, and really hone your skills with those. It’s always better to be a master of few trades than the jack of all.

Does Gear Matter?

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We’re sure you’ve witnessed many streamers or YouTubers that try and tell you that gear doesn’t matter and that it’s all about skill. Well, according to lfcarry.com and a lot of others, that’s not true. PvP gear matters. It always has, and it always will.

While it is true that Shadowlands has brought some changes that might’ve diminished the effects of gear in some high-end tiers, that doesn’t mean that gear doesn’t matter. For instance, if we take players that are 2000 rating or above, most of them will carry gear around 200-ish ilvl, and at that point, you could make the argument that gear doesn’t matter. If you were to take two players with a 2000 rating and give them 200 ilvl gear and 210 ilvl gear – the more skilled player would probably win, regardless of their gear. So, yeah – gear doesn’t matter.

But the thing is – that’s not the whole truth. If you were to take those same two players and give one of them 160 ilvl gear and the other one 210 ilvl gear – the guy with low-level gear would last a minute in the Arena. He or she would be obliterated and turned to dust.

The bottom line is – gear matters. The effects of gear do diminish a bit once you go over 190 ilvl, but that is only because, at that point, you’re battling guys with similar gear, and that’s all there is to it.

Do Add-ons Matter?

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Well, one could argue that they don’t matter, but if you’re new to the game and you want to get better – they might do.

They don’t do much, but they do help improve your efficiency in the Shadowlands arena. A Hotbar, as well as some UI-modifying add-ons, might help you in the beginning. Things like rotation aids and damage meters can also be quite valuable and could set you apart from other players.

However, there’s an extent to how much this can help. As you get better and more experienced, you’ll have less and less use of this, so we’d say it matters in the beginning, and not as much later on.

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There you have it. Naturally, there is a lot more to PvP play in Shadowlands than simply gearing and leveling up and monitoring your rotation through an add-on. You’ll still need some skill to win, don’t forget about that.