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Unleash Wealth: 7 Best Gold Farming Classes in WotLK Classic

by Randall Hobgood

In WotLK Classic, certain classes excel at farming gold due to their unique abilities, efficiency in soloing content, and versatility. Each class has its unique strengths and preferred farming methods, so the best class for you might depend on your playstyle and what kind of farming you plan to do.

In this article we will look at some of the best classes for gold farming.

7 Best Gold Farming Classes in WotLK Classic

1. Paladin


Source: classichardcore.com

Paladins, especially Protection Paladins, are great for gold farming. Their ability to pull multiple mobs and survive through self-healing and strong defenses makes them excellent for soloing dungeons and raids.

  • Strengths: Strong defenses, self-healing, and good AoE damage.
  • Weaknesses: Paladins have limited ranged capabilities, making them less effective in situations where ranged attacks are beneficial. Their mobility is also not as high as some other classes, which can affect farming efficiency over large areas.
  • Strategies: Protection Paladins are ideal for pulling multiple mobs and surviving through defensive abilities and self-healing. They can solo dungeons and raids efficiently, using spells like Consecration and Hammer of the Righteous for AoE damage.

2. Mage

Mages are great for gold farming due to their powerful AoE spells, which can quickly clear large groups of enemies. They also have the advantage of teleportation spells, allowing them to quickly travel to different farming spots.

  • Strengths: Powerful AoE spells, ability to teleport to various locations, and strong crowd control.
  • Weaknesses: Mages are relatively squishy, meaning they can’t take many hits. If they’re caught by surprise or overwhelmed, they can quickly be defeated. Their reliance on mana also means they can face downtime if they run out of resources.
  • Strategies: Mages can use spells like Blizzard to clear large groups of enemies. They can also create portals to quickly travel to different farming spots, reducing downtime. Frost spec offers additional survivability with crowd control options.

3. Druid


Source: icy-veins.com

Druids are versatile and can adapt to different farming needs. Their ability to switch between roles (tank, healer, DPS) and the benefits of instant travel form (flight form in particular) make them efficient in various gold farming scenarios.

  • Strengths: Versatility in roles, instant travel forms, and stealth capability with the Cat form.
  • Weaknesses: Druids, while versatile, might not excel in any one area as much as a specialized class. Their damage output in certain forms can be lower compared to pure DPS classes, potentially slowing down the farming process.
  • Strategies: Druids can switch between roles to adapt to different farming scenarios. The Flight Form is particularly useful for quickly moving between farming spots. Balance or Feral specs are commonly used for efficient farming.

4. Death Knight

Death Knights are excellent for farming gold due to their high survivability, strong AoE (Area of Effect) damage, and ability to self-heal. They can efficiently solo old dungeons and raids for valuable loot.

  • Strengths: Excellent survivability, strong AoE damage, and self-healing capabilities.
  • Weaknesses: Limited mobility compared to other classes can make moving between farming spots slower. Also, their AoE damage, while strong, is not as efficient as some other classes like Mages or Paladins in terms of clearing large groups quickly.
  • Strategies: Death Knights can efficiently solo old dungeons and raids, particularly using the Blood spec for its self-healing and durability. They can quickly gather large groups of enemies and use abilities like Death and Decay to deal AoE damage.

5. Hunter


Source: warcraftguru.com

Hunters are known for their ability to solo content with ease thanks to their pets, which can tank mobs while they deal damage from a distance. Their mobility and range make them ideal for quickly farming open-world content.

  • Strengths: Ability to solo content with a pet, high mobility, and good ranged damage.
  • Weaknesses: Hunters can struggle in situations where they are overwhelmed by multiple mobs, as their pets can only tank a limited amount. Also, managing pet aggro requires skill, and mismanagement can lead to the pet’s death, reducing the Hunter’s effectiveness.
  • Strategies: Hunters can use their pets to tank while dealing damage from a distance. They excel in open-world farming, where they can kite and manage multiple mobs with ease. Beast Mastery is often the preferred spec for maximizing pet effectiveness.

6. Warlock

Warlocks, with their minions and strong AoE and DoT (Damage over Time) spells, are good for soloing content and efficiently farming mobs. Their sustainability through self-healing spells also adds to their farming efficiency.

  • Strengths: Powerful minions, strong AoE and DoT spells, and self-healing abilities.
  • Weaknesses: Warlocks can struggle with mobility and may find it hard to quickly move between different farming spots. Also, their pets, while useful, can sometimes be less robust than a Hunter’s pet, making soloing tougher content more challenging.
  • Strategies: Warlocks can use their minions to tank or deal additional damage. Abilities like Rain of Fire or Seed of Corruption are effective for AoE farming. Affliction spec can be particularly effective due to its strong DoT spells.

7. Rogue


Source: icy-veins.com

Rogues are particularly good for farming specific items or in situations where stealth is beneficial. They can bypass mobs to reach specific targets or chests, making them ideal for certain types of gold farming runs.

  • Strengths: Stealth to bypass mobs, strong single-target damage, and lockpicking skill.
  • Weaknesses: Rogues, being melee and relatively squishy, can struggle in situations where they face large groups of enemies. Their strength lies in single-target damage, so they’re not as efficient in AoE farming scenarios.
  • Strategies: Rogues can target specific high-value mobs or chests, avoiding unnecessary fights. Their ability to stealth and use skills like Sap or Distract allows them to navigate through dangerous areas with ease.

What Is the Fastest Way to Get Gold in WotLK?

In WotLK Classic, efficiently earning gold involves a mix of activities that leverage both time and character strengths. The fastest method can depend on your class, gear, and playstyle, but here are some universally effective strategies:

Daily Quests: Completing daily quests is a reliable source of gold. These quests are reset every day and can provide a steady income. Icecrown and Storm Peaks have several high-paying daily quests.


What Is the Fastest Way to Get Gold in WotLK?

Source: warcrafttavern.com

  • Gathering Professions: Herbalism, Mining, and Skinning are lucrative as materials are always in demand on the Auction House. Specialize in gathering professions and sell your collected resources.
  • Crafting Professions: Alchemy, Jewelcrafting, Enchanting, and Tailoring can be profitable. Craft items that are in high demand, such as flasks, potions, gems, enchantments, and bags.

• Playing the Auction House: Buying low and selling high on the Auction House can be very profitable. This requires an understanding of your server’s market and may involve a bit of risk.

• Farming Instances: Soloing old dungeons and raids can yield valuable items to sell, such as rare mounts, pets, and transmog gear. The amount of gold you can make depends on the rarity of the items dropped.

• Gathering in Open World: Farming high-demand materials like Eternal Fire, Frost Lotus, or Arctic Fur in Northrend can be profitable. The best locations often have competition, so knowing less crowded spots or farming during off-peak hours can be advantageous.

• Questing in High-Level Areas: Completing quests in high-level areas like Icecrown can be a good source of gold, especially if you haven’t completed those quests yet.

• Utilizing a Secondary Character (Alt): Having an alt with different professions or for farming different materials can significantly increase your gold income.

• Grinding Mobs: Certain mobs drop valuable items or have a higher than average drop rate for gold and cloth. Researching which mobs are most profitable and farming them can be effective.

• Marketplace: Finally, the fastest way to get enough Wotlk classic gold is to purchase it on Overgear. They follow all possible security measures to protect your account from any negative consequences.


Each of these classes can be optimized for gold farming by selecting the right talents, gear, and professions. Professions like Herbalism, Mining, and Skinning can complement the farming efficiency of these classes.

Additionally, utilizing specific gear that boosts movement speed or survivability can also enhance farming effectiveness. It’s also important to stay updated with the latest patches and expansions, as changes can sometimes shift the effectiveness of certain classes or strategies in gold farming.