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7 Things To Know Before You Play The New WoW Shadowlands Expansion – 2024 Guide

by Nina Smith

Have you heard of some new changes that have happened to your favorite game, World Of Warcraft? The expansion pack called Shadowlands has had a lot of changes since October 14, 2024. If you are not aware of this expansion, or if you’re new to the World Of Warcraft, keep on reading and find out all there is to know about this game! You will become a pro at playing it after reading these top 7 interesting and key facts.

1. Automatic reset

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After going live on October 14, the automatic reset has happened within the game. This meant that everyone who has been on the 120 level ended up with a reset and is now at a new level – 50. This meant losing across the board, as well as all the previous fights. However, thanks to the update, players were allowed to enjoy a new level cap, set at 60. So, if you were in shock and you weren’t sure what happened overnight, know that everything is fine and that the level 50 is still your old 120th!

2. New navigation

Because of this update, every player was allowed to understand the new waypoint + their navigation through the game has upgraded and has had an improvement. Thanks to this mini-update, the Shadowland world was way easier to enjoy and explore. In fact, players can embrace the Shadowland map and enjoy its visuals now, without feeling worried, trapped, or lost at any given point during the gameplay. You can go through different sceneries and enjoy your Shadowland extension, and enjoy its true beauty.

3. New characters

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New characters have been added to Shadowland expansion. Players worldwide were satisfied with their options, since they were allowed to browse through different hairstyles, skin tones, as well as accessories. You can also customize the Worgen appearance, along with Druids’ racial forms. At a barbershop, you can switch between genders as well! If you are someone who loves to switch up their looks, or if you love to have options and a variety when it comes to your games, this little upgrade will make you happy!

4. New levels

You can enjoy the first squish level. Before, this was available at Warlords of Draenor, as well as in the Battle for Azeroth. If you are a player at level 120, you will be put down to level 50, but the new expansion cap will be at 60, as previously explained.
You can receive your talents at levels 15, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, and 50. Therefore, every five levels will be new, different, as well as something to look forward to! If you are someone who loves to receive awards and you love new badges, as well as talent rises, you will enjoy this feature!

5. New levelling paradigm

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From levels 1-10 players will play at Exile’s Reach. It has a storyline of its own where you can learn all about the basics of World Of Warcraft, which is helpful for newbies, as well as inexperienced players.
Veterans can choose either the Exile’s Reach or another race to participate in.
Death Knights start at level 8.

At levels 10-50, you will arrive at your capital city and head out for a new challenge, and explore new adventures. You will go through Zandalar which is the most recent addition to the game.

Starting at levels 50-60, it is a serious gameplay at Azeroth’s level cap. If you get to level 60, you will experience a new feature, called the Threads of Fate. This way you will go through some levels by completing tasks like World Quests, which might take you some time to conquer.

6. Different covenants

There are four different additions to the Shadowland expansion, and those are:

1. The Kyrian Covenant of Bastion – you will be offered to look past your deeds, and you can become the Kyrian.

2. The Venthyr of Revendreth – will punish those who lived a life filled with sin.

3. The Necrolords of Maldraxxus – your strength will be rewarded at this point.

4. The Night Fae of Adrenweald – thanks to the Anima, you will infuse slumbering spirits, and you will be ready for new and pure rebirth.

Making your decision can be quite tricky since covenants have loads of different features, which makes it hard to pick. Those are:

Soulbinds – with them, you can access different traits which will enhance your skills in every obstacle that comes ahead.
Adventures – it is important to be tactical and strategic with this approach and in Adventures.
Transport network – you can choose only one zone-specific travel network. Your options are either the:

  • Kyrian
  • Necrolord
  • Night Fae
  • Venthyr

7. It is easier to get an expansion + a booster

Source: blizzard.com

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Ready to enjoy your WoW gameplay?

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