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Best tips for classic leveling in World of Warcraft

by Edvard Berlusconi

Vanilla World of Warcraft or now known as WoW classic was a time when MMORPGs were designed to take up every single second of your time, but everyone loved that. Blizzard needed to make new content for the game you just paid a subscription. This is why they made the first grind to level 60 to be at least a hundred hours.

A good run to level 20 will take you about 8-12 hours, but anywhere after that, the leveling will be a real challenge. That is why we have made this leveling guide for World of Warcraft classic to help you hit the level 60 cap.

Always log out at cities or inns


Cities and inns are points of relaxation. Safe spaces away from all kinds of wolves, centaurs or scorpions. This will not mean much who is doing a marathon to level 60, but for anyone who wants to take it easy and get the most experience for their time, logging out at an inn or a city will result in accumulating “rested exp” while you are logged out. Rested EXP doubles your monster kill experience totaling the amount you have accumulated over the logged out time, meaning you will get a nice bonus when you return.

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Kill everything


Grinding has become an idea lost to time. Unless it is Oldschool Runescape or Korean MMORPGs like Black Desert Online, there will not need to constantly grind mobs for EXP since it has been replaced with quests and dungeons. In WoW Classic, it is probably a necessity to close the level gap between two different zones. Just make sure you kill every monster as you are traveling from one quest to another, it might not look like you are getting much, but that extra EXP will build up after some time.

Do not waste your gold

Do not waste your gold


One of the biggest obstacles in Vanilla World of Warcraft was making gold. New skill ranks need lots of gold, flight costs will start to increase and obtaining your first mount will seem impossible. All of that is now back with WoW Classic, and knowing how to budget and earn gold is vital for every character.

Even if you are having trouble with mobs early on, you do not need to spend all your gold on every new rank of ability or spell you come across. These spells can get very expensive and delaying your mount purchase for 2 or 3% damage boost is going to cost you a lot of time. You can look up all the optimal rotations for your class and find out which skills you will need to rank up and you can find more if you just click on https://gamingcy.com/en-us/wow-vanilla-classic-carry.

Get First Aid


Nearly all mobs in World of Warcraft can drop fabrics like Linen. These Linen Cloths can be easily crafted in useful items like Bandages. Bandages are effective and cheap healing items that can reduce your downtime between fights. They are not as effective as sitting down and eating some food to return your health, but they are much cheaper. It is a must-have for classes like a Warrior. However, if you are Mage, you probably won’t need this.