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Does Biotin Work for Hair Loss?

by William Gist

There are many reasons for hair loss. But probably the main cause of most hair loss cases is genetic, either your mother’s side or your father’s side. Apart from that, there are other reasons to hair loss as well such as stress, your food intake (diet) and also your lifestyle (exercise, sleeping time etc2).


But what worries most people is not why they are losing hair. They are more worried on getting their hair to grow back. They are on the lookout for supplements; creams, pills and tonics that can actually help them to gain their hair back.

Some might opt for vegetable oils such as coconut oil. It is claimed that applying coconut oil to your hair can actually strengthen your hair. Others try to control their diet and try their best to avoid foods that may cause their hair to fall. There are some on the other hand though, do nothing about it! Why? This is simply because they are too afraid to try something new. Well, if you haven’t heard of biotin, then read on! If you have though, you might have doubts if biotin actually works or not for hair loss.


What is biotin? Biotin is actually another name for the vitamin B7. As we all know, all vitamins has got its function and so does biotin. Biotin actually helps in the building and formation of cells. Apart from that, it also helps to control the sugar level in your blood. If you didn’t know, biotin is produced in our body too! Our intestines produce this vitamin. So if you are wondering if it is safe to take biotin supplements, you don’t have to worry; it is already in us!

Now for the question, does biotin really work to help hair grow? The answer is yes. Since biotin actually functions to build new cells, hair growth also depends on it. Apart from growing hair, it also helps to strengthen your hair, making sure that it is healthy. Another good thing is that there are no side effects to taking biotin. You can take as much as you want, but who would do such a stupid thing right? You have to pay for it!


The maximum that you should consume daily is 5000 mcg, not more than that. It is advisable though that you start as low at 1000 mcg and monitor your hair growth for a month, says hairlossadvisor.com. If there are no changes, then you increase your dosage by 1000 mcg each time.

One thing to note about biotin is that it DOES NOT speed up hair growth. It only helps in growing your hair back. It does not affect the speed of your hair growth. Be aware of this. Some might think that taking high dosages of biotin will help speed things up. Truth is, it won’t. The speed is totally a biological process that should not be disturbed. But one thing is for sure, biotin can help you grow back your hair and you should be happy about that.