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How To Choose The Best Outdoor Current Transformer

by Edvard Berlusconi

In today’s highly advanced technical era, we have to pay attention to take every accurate measurement for our best needs. Transformers were designed to change the high voltage or high current into low voltage or low current to supply consistent electricity to our domestic devices.

Nowadays, many companies have their powerhouses to supply their electrical needs. That’s where they need to measure the high voltages and higher amount of current, but there is no other way than relying on specialized instrument transformers. Instrument transformers turn the higher current transformation ratio in a secondary wire, which can be measured by ammeters and by other small devices too.


The instrument transformers are so reliable when it comes to measuring the high voltage or high amount of current flowing in the primary wire. They have a higher accuracy rate to measure the higher amperes flowing in the primary circuit. Instrument transformers come up with efficient yet straightforward specific-purposed current transformers.

They allow us to measure the higher flowing current by changing the flowing current ratio to a low level in the resultant wire so any small device can measure it. The current transformers can be used in highly commercial zones like power stations, tiny electrical houses, and domestic power distributions. All outdoor transformers are likely to face the most hazardous environment, so you should first select some points before setting up outdoor current transformers.

  • Strong Insulation:

One of the most important things that must be considered before setting up or buying an outdoor transformer is having reliable insulation. Insulation provides overall security. It also offers a shield for current transformers against abnormal temperatures, moisture, and rain. Epoxy resin transformers have the firm baked sand and epoxy resin protection around their cores; they can provide the best shield against any odds. So if you are looking for outdoor current transformers, you should go for epoxy resin transformers rather than a dry ventilated transformer.

  • High Portability:

An outdoor current transformer should be portable enough to stand on its own. You should be able to place it anywhere outside of a store, factory, or a grid station.

  • Specific Range Supported​:

Different types of current transformers are suited for specific current ranges. For example, some medium transformers are used for small domestic purposes; they can work as handheld devices. While commercially speaking, there is a high amount of amperes to be dealt with the sizing for each specific purpose.

  • Reasonable Costs:

Last but not least, you should take into consideration the cost of your desired current transformer. If you want to buy one for just measuring voltages for domestic purposes, then you should go for small handheld transformers, which usually cost less than a few bucks.

But if you need to deal with a high amount of current to be measured or converted, then you must go for some big transformers. An ideal suggestion would be an Epoxy resin insulation outdoor current transformer​, like the one you can buy from Guangdong Sihui Instrument Transformer Works. It is resin insulated and can count on a pillar supporting structure, which can be used for electrical current and voltage metering. It can also be used for higher voltage up to 10KV.