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The Best Tips To Prevent Hair Loss

by William Gist

There are several causes that can cause hair loss, such as smoking and too much stress. But there are many more reasons why your bathroom floor is littered with hair. You don’t have to worry about losing too many hairs. Per day you lose an average of 50 to 100 hairs, every single day! If you lose more hair per day, it can suddenly start to stand out.

Your hair may look lifeless and you won’t be able to model it. Usually, this is a period and it will stop by itself, but if you want to help strengthen your hair to prevent hair loss, you should take a look at the following tips and tricks!

Use a shampoo and conditioner with caffeine


Caffeine makes the hair roots last longer, this will, in turn, reduce the hair loss. However, slowing down hair loss only works if you regularly wash your hair with a shampoo that contains caffeine. You should opt for 1 or 2 washing a week with a shampoo that contains caffeine.

Avoid an iron deficiency

If your body gets too little iron, it can intensify the hair loss. You need enough nutrients to keep your hair healthy and strong. The best way to get enough iron in your system is to eat (red) meat and fish. If you’re not sure whether or not you should take extra iron to prevent hair loss, you can always visit the doctor.

Buy a good brush


If your brush doesn’t fit your hair type, it can do a lot of damage. Try to avoid plastic brushes since they make your hair static, which increases the risk of damage to the hair. Even a metal brush won’t be sufficient for your hair. The metal pins are far too sharp and straight for your scalp and for your hair. A tip is to buy a brush with real hair. The real hairs do not rub your scalp and thus prevent hair follicles from being damaged.

Don’t take too much vitamin A

Vitamins are generally good for the body, but too much vitamin A can have serious consequences. You may experience hair loss, dry mouth, headaches, muscle pain, nausea and scaly skin. Yes, an excess of vitamin A can cause hair loss, so it is wise to tone your intake down a little.

Move more often


The more you move, the better your blood circulation will be. And that’s very important if you have hair loss and you want to have beautiful, thick hair again. Your scalp needs good blood circulation to keep your hair healthy. Poor blood circulation can result in hair loss, this is not what we want!

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