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Can Creatine Cause Hair Loss?

by Tracy Finke

When you want to transform your body at the gym, you can think about taking a creatine-rich supplement. While many individuals use this supplement, it can impact the level of certain hormones. But, if you’re not sure whether creatine leads to hair loss, you must read ahead.

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What does research reveal about creatine and hair loss?

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If you think that regular intake of creatine can lead to hair loss, you will not come across any evidence. However, you can only draw a conclusion based on the overall experience of individuals.

With this in mind, a study revealed that when rugby players took creatine, they observed a significant increase in the level of a hormone, dihydrotestosterone (DHT). After a while, the hike in the level led to hair loss among the players, and they started observing hair loss after taking the supplement for three weeks.

If you haven’t heard about DHT, it’s a hormone derived from another hormone known as testosterone. As compared to testosterone, DHT is quite potent.

How does a hike in DHT lead to hair loss?

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As hair grows, hair follicles always go through a particular cycle. Soon after the hair growth phase, you will observe a resting phase. In those instances, you will experience hair loss. On the other hand, DHT can come in contact with certain hormone receptors present in the hair follicles. As the hormone binds with the receptors, it can hinder hair growth.

Eventually, people will observe thin and short hair when they stand in front of a mirror. Because of less hair growth, people will experience more hair loss than ever before. Besides, when the enzyme responsible for converting the testosterone into DHT is quite active, it can also cause hair loss.

How is creatine associated with hair loss?

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As per a study, when rugby players took excess creatine regularly for seven days, the DTH level rose to more than 50 percent. But, after a week, the DHT level dropped down to 40 percent when the players took less creatine. However, the players didn’t observe a change in the testosterone level.

While the researchers conducted the test, they didn’t check hair loss among the players. Hence, they came up with the conclusion that creatine only affects the DTH level. But, the hike in the DTH level can increase the risk of hair loss when someone has a genetic predisposition. Overall, it’s seemed necessary to do some more research to find out whether a hike in the DTH level eventually leads to hair loss.

Who is at risk of hair loss while consuming creatine?

If you consume excess creatine, it can be the root cause of many side effects. Among the side effects, you will experience hair loss, especially when some of your family members are bald. Hence, if you consider creatine monohydrate as a supplement, an overdose can convert more testosterone into DHT.

This hormone, in turn, can increase the chances of hair loss in the long run. But, if the substance acts as a catalyst, then the hair is likely to grow again. In such cases, you will not have to undergo hair regrowth treatment, and you only have to comprehend the reasons for hair loss and follow the doctor’s advice.

What should you do when you experience hair loss?

  • When you want to get rid of hair loss, you will have to follow a Mediterranean diet. As you start eating fresh herbs and raw vegetables, it can mitigate the risk of androgenic alopecia. Moreover, as you move ahead with the diet, you can also slow down the pace of hair loss. With a balanced diet, you can also take iron supplements if you’re a woman who has been going through heavy menstrual cycles.

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  • As you experience hair loss, you can think about healthy food items rich in protein. Soon after you start eating eggs, low-fat dairy products, fish, beans, and nuts, it can help to prevent hair loss to a certain extent. When protein enters your body, it can help promote the growth of hair follicles. In the end, you will start observing hair growth right from the hair follicles.
  •  If you want to get rid of hair loss, you must massage your head with coconut oil. Due to the presence of Lauric acid, the oil helps to protect hair from a breakage at the roots. In addition, coconut oil can also help to enhance blood flow and support hair growth once again. Alternatively, you can also apply olive oil to your scalp. Such oil can nourish your hair and prevent it from falling.

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  • If the condition grows worse, you will have to undergo treatment. While platelet-rich plasma effectively promotes hair growth, you can consider hair transplantation as the best solution for hair loss. You can also consider the solution, Minoxidil, to extend the anagen phase and enhance blood flow to the follicles. But, regardless of what you consider, you first have to speak with the dermatologist. As you seek his advice, you can decide which supplement is safe and good for hair regrowth. Apart from everything else, you must also insist the doctor check the thyroid level because insufficient parathyroid can further lead to hair loss.

Finally, you can conclude that creatine supplements don’t directly cause hair loss. But, if you experience hair loss quite often, stop taking the supplement immediately. You can later prefer consuming food items known for their nutritional value.

Before you move ahead with a workout, ensure that you munch on food items that are much better than creatine. Towards the end, you need to stop worrying about the problem. If you keep moving around with an anxious mind, it can increase the DTH level once again. The issue will recur no matter how much you try to keep it under control.

On the contrary, if you can’t afford to opt for a treatment, the only option is to try low-level light therapy. Apart from promoting cell growth, the therapy will help to enhance hair growth substantially. As you opt for the therapy time and again, you will find it to be extremely effective.