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Do Beds Need Headboards in 2024?

by Tracy Finke

Over the years, the headboard for a bed has become an essential part of bedroom decor. They can transform your bedroom but are they needed in 2024 and aren’t they a bit old-fashioned? Headboards have been used for beds throughout history and have many purposes you probably didn’t even know about. But is there room for the headboard in bedroom décor in 2024? Especially with today’s King size beds, do we need to take a look at the increased demand for King Size Headboards? We take a look as to whether a headboard really is required for a bed in 2024.

A headboard can help decorate your bedroom and add something a bit different to the space. A headboard is more than that though. For an example of what styles are available nowadays, take a look at this range of headboards here.

The Modern Headboard

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Headboards are seen more as a decorative item for the bedroom rather than for insulation. They can keep pillows from sliding off the bed in the middle of the night, but that doesn’t always work. A stylish headboard can truly set off a room, even make the bed the centerpiece of the room. It will even help fill that blank wall space.

Some people believe that having a headboard can improve a night’s sleep, making sleeping more comfortable. It can also help keep a mattress in place if you have a headboard and footboard bed.

The History Of The Headboard

Headboards form a space between the wall and the bed to stop a person’s head from getting cold during the night if they touch the wall. Houses back then were not as insulated as they are now, so headboards with beds were more common. So basically, they kept you from getting cold! These days they are seen as a more decorative item. The headboard also gives support to the bed and protects the wall from any damage.

We first come across headboards for beds as far back as ancient Egypt. These headboards were carved in ebony, silver and even gold and included innate drawings and pictures.

The Romans and The Greeks were the next to use the headboard. These were more practical and served much more of a purpose. They were designed from wood with a headboard to protect the occupier from any cold drafts. Having a headboard also made the bed a place for eating and even entertaining.

The Middle Ages soon adopted the headboard as the bed design became more elaborate with the four-poster beds and canopy. The beds became elaborate, decorative and expensive. They became an important piece of furniture in every home

Next were the Greeks and Romans. They were more practical in their approach. They designed a wooden platform with a headboard to protect themselves from cold drafts. The headboard allowed them to eat and even socialize around the bed, making the bedroom the main entertaining area in the home.

With the Middle Ages came the canopy and four-poster bed designs became more intricate and elaborate. The bed became the most expensive piece of furniture in both rich and poor homes. Born out of necessity and then popular for its grandeur, canopies were suspended from the ceiling beams using a rope, and then fabric draped over to act as insulation against winds or drafts.

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Beds with a headboard became popular during the fifteenth century but were only affordable to the wealthy. Then In the 17th century, the upholstered headboards (or stuffers) became highly sort after as people demanded more comfort and fabrics. Bedrooms began to become more private as entertaining began to take place in other rooms.

When choosing a fabric for your headboard, use a more durable fabric like leather as an example as oils from hair and skin can damage or stain a headboard very easily.

In the later part of the 19th century, iron bed frames became more popular but were stopped from manufacture due to the outbreak of the First World War. Iron was needed for the war effort so, iron beds became more or less scarce. After the war had finished, the factories began to mass-produce iron beds and headboards which are now collector’s items, especially antique iron bed frames.

Do We Need Headboards in 2024?

For a while, a headboard was considered to be very old-fashioned. They were out of style and something you would associate with your grandparents. It came to a point where it was seen as not being needed. the furniture you did not need. However, a tufted headboard (a soft headboard that is padded and tufted which means the fabric is threaded together and secured with either a button or a knot)

A headboard can be attached to any bed frame but only if they are size compatible. For example, a twin headboard can be attached to a twin bed, bunk bed, or four-poster bed, but a twin headboard cannot be attached to a full-size bed frame.

Some More Facts About The Headboard You Probably Didn’t Know

Headboard Feng Shui!

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It does exist, headboard Feng Shui is a thing! It is believed that a headboard gives you the sense that you have a safe and strong mountain at your back as you sleep’. It is said that a strong headboard creates a safe space for intimacy and connection! So, there you go! The best board for Feng Shui is a solid padded or wooden headboard

You Can Get Comfortable

If you like sitting up in bed to read, work on your laptop or use your tablet, a headboard can provide that extra support also if you like to have your breakfast in bed!

A Headboard Is Easy To Clean

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As you have to wash your bedding, you can give your headboard a good clean too. It’s as easy as 1.2.3. All you have to do is a quick vacuum or dab with water and wipe clean with a cloth.

So, headboards we think are still relevant in 2024 as they always have been. They can provide comfort, stop your pillow from slipping off the bed, look fantastic, shield you from any drafts and help support your bed!