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7 Decor Things You Must Consider Alongside Bedroom Furniture

by Nina Smith

Thinking of redecorating your bedroom? Or setting your bedroom up in a new house right from the scratch? You’ll probably need some help, especially if it is your first time decorating, because it is no easy task. There’s a lot more to consider than you usually would in a room used less often if your house. A bedroom perhaps the most important room in a house. It is that one place where a person wants comfort to rest after a hard-long day fully relax and get recharged.

Whether it is after a tiresome day at work or spending the day out, the bedroom is where you come back to, to get your energy back. And to get that peace of mind, your bedroom needs to look and feel like a comfortable heaven. The interior needs to be soothing and pleasing to your eyes and the bedroom furniture should be such that it matches your style as well as gives you the relaxation that you need.

You might be thinking, why style it or make it modern looking when that many people won’t see your bedroom. Well, even if that’s the case, your bedroom still requires a lot of attention because it also defines your taste and uniqueness. How you place the furniture, if the furniture perfectly fits your bedroom or not or the overall interior gives the bedroom an aesthetic look, it all depends on the choices you make. Setting up a bedroom and styling it requires effort. Selecting each piece of the decorative item or bedroom furniture takes plenty of time and effort and furnishing your room alone can be hard, especially if you’ve just moved in.

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And unless you have done a lot of relocating, chances are that you have only purchased bedroom furniture once or twice in a lifetime. So, when it is time to update your room’s furniture and look, the process can be downright overwhelming. That might not be the case if you move a lot – you won’t be as startled to upgrade the room if you’ve got your bedroom furniture on rent because many rental companies help you a lot with the process and make it a lot easier. You still need to consider these 7 things if you want to make your bedroom modern looking!

What exactly are chifforobes? Is there a difference between a chest and a dresser, or a bedside chest and a nightstand? How and where exactly do you begin to choose the right furniture for your room? What should be considered apart from selecting bedroom furniture? How can the room be more practical and functional? Let’s take a look!

1. The Wall Colour of Your Bedroom!

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The wall’s colour of your bedroom can completely change the look of the room. This décor factor is often overlooked by people but we can’t stress enough on how important this decision is. Most of the people select a light or pale colour paint for the bedroom walls. Select the colour carefully as each colour induces different feelings. For instance, light blue is a great choice because it induces sleep.

If you are feeling daring or bold, you can paint the walls with a dark bold colour like red or royal blue but these types of colours only work if you have enough natural lighting entering your bedroom. Otherwise, the room would be weighed down and look extremely dull. So, whites and blues are the safest choices for your bedroom walls. Moreover, light colours like that give you much more flexibility to play with different variations of décor.

2. The Lighting of the Bedroom

Just like the room’s colour, lighting is another super important factor that you need to consider for your bedroom. You do not want to place your bed in front of a window (if there’s any), partially or fully blocking the light, until and unless there is no other option. Beds, be it a single bed or a double bed, should always be placed opposite or adjacent to the windows available in the bedroom. You should let natural light come into the room so it doesn’t look too depressing or dark or dull, especially if you have a dark coloured paint.

But what about when it’s dark? Of course, you would want to make sure that your bedroom is properly illuminated when the sun goes down and there’s no natural light. The best option is to place a central ceiling light. You can also add some table lamps on a bedside table, dresser or nightstand and create a smaller amount of light when it is required.

Basically, you need to take care of the following bedroom lights:
– Ceiling Light
– Table or Nightstand Lamps
– Curtains for your bedroom windows.

3. A Suitable and Comfortable Bed!

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A bed might be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about designing any bedroom. However, that’s not the first thing you should actually look for and select. You should only start looking for your perfect bed after you have considered the wall colours and handled the light situation of the room.

Your bed must work in conjunction i.e., it must coexist and fit with the wall colour and the natural in your room. Once you have figured out the theme of your bedroom and how you’d like to decorate it, you can start looking for beds that suit your décor vision. Sure, beds are expensive and the more the fancier, modern and sleek the bed is, the higher the price. But if you do not want to have that kind of budget and still want to get a luxurious bed for your personal haven, you can always consider renting. Many companies even provide free maintenance, pickup and delivery services, for instance, you can get a double bed on rent from Cityfurnish, without the headache of spending days searching in the markets. But the choice is of course yours. After all, it’s your budget and comfort that matters.

Look at the bed necessities you need to get, apart from bed and bed frame:
– Mattress
– Linens
– Pillows

Do not rush this particular decision because a bed in an investment which you want to last for a really long time. As for the mattress, do your research before getting one because you definitely do not want to risk your good night’s sleep!

4. Enough Storage Space in the Bedroom

As you know, bedrooms are not just for sleeping. You also need space to store your things and you need to consider the kind of storage that would be necessary for keeping all your clothing and other personal items intact and organized in one place. At the minimum, you ought to get a dresser and a nightstand or a bedside table, depending on the space availability. If you have enough space, you should consider a bedroom wardrobe, it could be a small one or a double wardrobe. You can hold any extra linens and more.

Since storage is another important factor but if there isn’t much space for an armoire or wardrobe, you can consider getting a bed with storage, which is a perfect two in one solution for your bedroom.

5. Decorating Your Bedroom with Fun Items

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Here comes the fun part – The decoration! How you decorate your bedroom reflects you, your personal style and taste, so it should come really easy for you. People pick multiple things, small decor items to make the room livelier. You can either opt for a certain décor theme and pick the items to match it or can go with a group of colours and place the things accordingly, while decorating your bedroom.

Here are some things that you can use to decorate the room-

Rug: A nice area rug looks fancy, makes your room feel more cozy and absorbs the sound as well.
Art: Art pieces are often placed above the beds. You can pic any unique art that you like or connect with.
Mirror: A large mirror, if placed rightly, will reflect the light and make the room brighter. You can place the mirror on the dresser top as well.
Candles: Candles will help you create a nice aroma and nice atmosphere around the room that will help you feel more cozy and relaxed.
Books: If you’re an avid reader or like to read often, then you can stack your books on your nightstand.

6. Plan How to Use a Closet

You need a place to hang all your clothes in an organized manner so they stay put and don’t get mixed up or wrinkled, but you also have other things to maintain and store as well. Therefore, you need to figure out how you would use the closet space and where you’d keep your things. At a minimum, you would want to get a several hangers to store your clothes. Consider getting the ones from which clothes do not slip. In addition to this, you can also look for a shoe rack on the lower side of your closet, hanging shelves or even some plastic drawers which would maximize the space in your closet.

7. The Seating Arrangement in Bedroom

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Whether is it a simple chair in the corner of the room or a bench at the foot of your bed, it is always practical to have some seating or at least one place to sit in your bedroom, apart from your bed. Yes, most of the times that one chair gets buried down clothes because some people use it to hang clothes, nonetheless, a chair could still help down in your bedroom. Like for instance, if you can’t reach any rack in your storage because your shoes are placed on a little shelf, you can use a chair or a stool to get up there.

A bench, of course, works as an extra seating but it also looks great and really classy at the end of the bed. It gives the whole room an elegant look and adds to its aesthetics.

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We have tried to cover everything and mentioned all the important things that you must consider while decorating your bedroom, apart from just getting the bedroom furniture. These will not only make your bedroom look modern but also help you keep your room organized, clean and full of life. These would not only make your stay in your bedroom extremely comfortable but also make everything more practical and easier going. You have to channel your style into selecting the decorating item and turning the room around with everything that you select.

Of course, everyone has to think about their budget and the room’s size and space availability. Whether you are purchasing everything or getting the bedroom furniture on rent, the way you decorate it will highly affect your mood because a bedroom is where you go to relax.
If you do decide to rent the furniture, you can go through Cityfurnish bedroom furniture collection and you will find everything that you need in one place. Beds, mattress, storage and more, without any hassle or headache. Order now!