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5 Signs You Should Replace Your Old Pillow – 2024 Guide

by Tracy Finke

The bedroom is a part of the house made for resting and fun, and that is why we all take such great care of how it looks and even more about how comfortable it is. The name of the room says it all, meaning that the bed is the most important part of it, and now just the bed, but sheets, pillows, and everything else about it. Imagine waking up for work not well-rested, sleeping on a bed that makes our neck hurt. That wouldn’t be so great, especially if some big and busy day is ahead of us.

That is why we want what’s the best for us, and as studies confirmed, sleep is essential for our whole organism and body and not just physically but psychologically.

And if that’s not enough reason to not look at the price for the mattress, sheets, and pillows, isn’t what we all want when laying and resting to feel comfortable? All the more reason why not just buying but replacing everything we mentioned above in time is essential for our well-being. Yes, we are talking about the pillows and how often, depending on the material and usage, we need to replace them with a new one? Don’t believe us? Well, how does the fact that when we wake up, our skin is at its most dehydrated due to the overnight water loss, and not to forget dead skin, which sheds from our body sound?

Now, since we settled this, you may wonder when is the best time to replace them, whether there is some sign, or how about some tips. That is why we gathered the top five signs you should replace your old pillow and according to Coziepillow.com, a combination pillow might be the best choice for the majority of people.

1. It looks dirty after washing and smells bad

img source: acahf.org.au

We all know that it is important to wash the pillow regularly, but far from it that everything the job is done just by cleaning the pillowcase. If you notice stains all over it after removing the pillowcase, and they are that persistent that they are there even after washing it, then it is time to buy a new one. The stains usually occur because of body sweat and moisture, and it can sometimes be impossible to clean them.

Here, the type and the quality of the pillowcase material are not that important, nor is the protection it provides because while sleeping, we sweat, which undoubtedly leaves some mark on it. It is impossible not to see the stains, so instead of trying to clean them, it is probably a better idea to buy a new cushion after all. Another sign that you need to go shopping is the bad smell that you can notice when you lie in the bad. The reasons for it are similar to the stains, and no matter how hard we try, sometimes it is impossible to prevent them.

2. Skin problems

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People with sensitive skin know how difficult it is to get rid of acne and how long the process of removing them is. There are numerous reasons for that, and dirt is definitely one of them, so regular washing is necessary. But, sometimes that is not enough, because the pillow is the one that is dirty, and no matter how often we wash it, the situation is not becoming any better. That can be because it is taking our bodily oils and sweat, dead skin, and dirt from hair and face, which is not a good ally in the fight against acne. Because of that, if you are washing the pillowcase and the cushion regularly, and the acne is still here, it is probably time and a sign to buy a new one. All this may look sound like exaggerating for those who don’t have a problem with acne, but for those who are aware of how difficult and stubborn acne are, replacing the pillowcase could do wonders.

3. You feel allergy symptoms

img source: webmd.com

Many people are allergic to dust mites which usually live in pillows and beds because they love warm places, but the problem is that many people do not realize that. Dust mites are tiny, and it is impossible to see them, and because of that, many people do not pay enough attention to them and end up sneezing and sniffling. Those are the first signs of the allergic reaction, and if you are waking up all the time with sneezing, sniffling, and teary eyes, no matter if you are washing the pillowcase and the cushion regularly, it is the sign that something is wrong, and it is time to consider buying a new pillow.

4. Inability to discover a perfect sleeping position and waking up with pain

img source: health.harvard.edu

If you are flipping around every night to discover the best position for sleeping and wake up early with back or neck pain, you definitely need to change something in your daily routine. Today we can find a pillow specially designed for each sleeping position, and there are a few of them on the market that can perfectly fit and are great for any position. The too soft or too hard cushion can also cause problems and pain while waking up in the morning, so never wait for the problem to solve itself because one sleepless night is too much.

5. Flatness

img source: terrycralle.com

Namely, many of us fold the pillow while sleeping, but even though we do that every night if it is “fighting” back into its natural position and form, you have nothing to worry about. On the other hand, if you can easily fold the pillow and it remains in that form (it does not bounce back), it is a sign that you should definitely buy a new one, as that simply isn’t a characteristic of a good pillow.

To summarize

There you have it, finding the right pillow is not easy, but what decision in life is, but now, when you know what signs to look for in a worn-out pillow, if there is any sign we mentioned above, you should go shopping. Now there are many places to do that, but since a good and healthy night’s sleep is so important, you should spend more time checking out renowned and animal-friendly companies like betternights.nl, and once again sleep like a baby.