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How Graphic Tablets Are Reshaping The E-learning Industry – 2024 Guide

by Tracy Finke

With the spread of covid-19, educational institutes have closed and we don’t know for how long things will go like this. Therefore, e-learning rose and almost all the institutes started using different methods to ensure that students get stuff to learn. One such method was the use of graphic tablets.

What is a graphic tablet?

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It is a computer input device just like a writing pad, which is used for creating graphics, animations and anything you want. This will be similar to drawing something on a piece of paper with the use of a pen. You will get a stylus (similar to a pen) along with the graphic tablet. You will use this pen to draw images on the tab.

Graphic tablets are connected with computers or LCD screens, whatever you draw on the tab will appear on the screen. Thus, it provides a chance for artists to display their hand art. Using software applications to draw things is one thing. However, hand-drawn images have their attraction. You can see more here about graphic and drawing tablets.

Use of graphic tablets

1. Use in Arts

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Drawing tablets are used in combination with some graphic editing software programs. Graphic designers use Illustrator, Corelpainter, and Adobe Photoshop and along with drawing tabs. This makes their job easy and quick. They can create artworks and drawings and can speed up their work.

2. Use of drawing tabs in e-learning

The use of these tabs in the artistic world is quite common. However, you can also use them for the education system. Teachers can use these tabs to provide handwritten notes and can ask their students to submit their assignments likewise.

  • You can make the best use of this technology at this moment when everyone is taking online classes. University and college students can use Microsoft office but not children. Therefore, primary school teachers can make the best use of these tabs.
  • They can write words and draw images to teach children just like in the classroom. Teaching primary students can be a lot easier with its use. This is because kids can learn better with visual information.
  • In addition to this, teaching mathematical problems require a pen. If you are a teacher, you will surely need such tools. You can teach students by writing and solving the problem step by step. At the same time, all the questions will be on the computer too.

3. Replacement to computer mouse

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Drawing tabs use the stylus as a pointing device. Therefore, if you are using it for any purpose, you can do a lot more than what a mouse can do. The location of the stylus will appear as a pointer on the monitor screen.

4. Reshaping education

Although the use of drawing tabs was not common before the covid-19 outbreak but now it is. Visual representation and drawings are important aspects of teaching. However, not every institute has all the technology for online teaching. Therefore, they are using any possible means of delivering lectures.

Thus, it comes down to the teachers to use of different means of teaching. A lot of teaches are making use of tablets and different technologies to make students take interest in lectures. Using tablets not only improves education skills but also play role in forming creative skills among students.

5. In medical schools

Illustrations and visual representation are common things in medical colleges. You are supposed to make drawings and illustrations to explain things and the organs of the body. However, the use of graphic programs is not an easy thing. Although there are various software applications but not everyone knows how to use them.

Especially, when it comes to colleges other than arts, the use of software applications for drawing is not a common thing. They usually depend on their hand skills and draw visual representations of different organs of our body. However, using a drawing tablet will make things easy for them. They use the stylus as a pen and draw anything they want. Medical students do not need extra skills to do so.

These tabs allow you to adjust the thickness of lines and managing colors. You can do various manipulations and that’s what makes it more interesting. Even if you are not good at drawing, you can make better illustrations.

6. Hygienic way of teaching in schools

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Even after the lockdown, it is mandatory that institutes prevent virus contamination. Therefore, sanitation and cleaning have become important aspects of life. However, when using whiteboards or chalks and markers, you are likely to come in contact with viral contaminants. It is possible that the previous person was contaminated with a germ and you get exposed to it too.

With the use of the graphic tablet option, this risk won’t be there. Educational institutes can ensure cleanliness and hygiene in their work settings. They can provide teachers with their tabs and stylus. All they have to do is to connect to the LCD screen present in the classroom. Thus, they can teach in a regular way. Instead of the board, everything will be on display on the LCD screen and students can see it there.

7. Use In computer Sciences

Graphic tablets are of huge importance in the field of computer sciences. Students now in through graphic tablets can present their final year projects in an enhanced way.

Moreover, a graphic tablet has given students more opportunities to deliver their projects and presentations. They can now use movable illustrations to give a better picture of everything.

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Advantages of using graphic/ drawing tablets

The positive aspects and advantages of drawing tablets are not few.

  • You can replace your computer mouse with a stylus pen and perform your tasks more accurately and quickly.
  • It allows you to sketch graphs, make detailed figures and illustrations and complex designs.
  • You will have a wide color palette that will let you give clarity and detailing to the pictures
  • Teachers can explain numerical formulas and complex mathematical problems and provide them to students in soft form.
  • If a school uses this technology, they can save the cost of calks and markers.
  • You can save paper because of this paperless technology.
  • These tabs are small in size and therefore, they are quite convenient to carry.