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Digital Marketing and Developing – All You Need to Know

by William Gist

Our company helps entrepreneurs develop their business on the Internet. If a person who has an offline business claims that he can’t make money on the Internet, be sure: he is deceiving himself and you. A successful business today is usually a dare online and offline action.

Our services



This service is aimed at visualizing your website. It is thanks to the designer that you can visualize your site. After the work of the designer, you are provided with a site layout. And it’s the layout that is most of the technical task for the web developer.

Web development


You can tell the web developer for a long time how you want your site to look, but it rarely works. Most developers like to work on a clear technical assignment or simply on the layout. Our developers can implement a website of any complexity in the program code. We write in clean code using HTML, CSS, JS, Node JS,  most often without third-party libraries. That means that your site will be much faster than competitors’ one.

SEO promotion


No matter how beautiful and competent your site is, search engines will not notice it soon. To speed up this process, more work is needed. After your site has appeared on Google, it is necessary to develop it, to increase its position in the search results. Such a difficult creative work is done by our SEO specialists. This work is one of the most controversial. In this area, much is tied to the creativity and commitment of the performer. Our experts have already taken many sites on various topics to the leading positions in google search.



Without analytics, statistics, action planning and budgeting, your business will feel in chaos. Any actions to promote and improve your site should be planned and analyzed. Our analysts can calculate which advertising company is effective and should pay more attention to it, and which actions don’t bring results. Without analytics, you are likely to incur large optional costs that would be better to invest in useful actions.

Extended service agreement (ESA letter plan)


This proposal is very interesting for those businessmen who are looking at the root of the problem and understand that none of the above services in itself will have a real effect. They must work in combination, parallel to each other. Writing articles, their analysis. Submission of several types of advertising, and again analysis of the entire advertising company. Refining the site and understanding how your customers began to behave after the last revisions. This service allows you to work team and efficiently.

How it works

  • You place an order.
  • We approve the terms of cooperation and paint the services that you want to use in the ESA letter plan.
  • We are starting to work according to plan.
  • You pay according to the contract.
  • Your business is growing. And we help you by following the Extended service agreementletter Plan.

We are well aware that you may not like something and you want to change or add something. We will gladly fulfill your wishes for free. ESA letter plan includes work with the requirements and wishes of the customer services.

Some of our clients felt that the business had really developed. Some of them decided to suspend work with us, hoping that the flow of customers will always be endless. But new customers need help with finding you and your service. Without advertising, you are unlikely to succeed. But if your business is so specific that the client becomes a regular user of your service, then you can take such a step. Of course, most of clients decided to continue cooperating with us, signing their own ESA letter plan, according to which we are steadily following and developing their business.


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