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4 Reasons Web Design Is Crucial for eCommerce Sites

by Jovica Radulovich

Website design is paramount when it comes to sites of any kind, but it’s even more crucial for eCommerce websites.


The reason is simple – only eCommerce sites must have a perfect web design to attract and keep shoppers coming back continuously. Of course, sites of all kinds need many visitors, but if an eCommerce site has a poorly designed website, it’s over; no customer would purchase from such a store.

So, what’s the solution?

The solution is to hire one of the best eCommerce website design companies, such as www.alphavictorcharlie.com/ and let experts help you create a fantastic site design. Before you start the process, let’s see the four reasons site design is crucial for eCommerce websites. Click here to check the best online selling sites.

1. First Impressions Matter

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As in real life, you only get the chance to leave a great first impression once, so it should be something impressive!

Let’s make a simple example to explain this aspect the easiest way.

For a moment, imagine that your eCommerce site is a real shop in the city. Going inside this shop when you see it would be possible only if something motivates you to do so, even if you weren’t planning to buy anything that day. On the other hand, if the shop is disorganized, looks poorly, and is unattractive, you will see it as unreliable and leave. Well, it’s the same with your online store, so your website’s pages mustn’t be disorganized or unattractive and mustn’t look poorly designed.

Therefore, having an excellent website design means leaving a great first impression on potential customers who can become loyal buyers. Things have to look professional with high-quality images and everything else in accordance with your brand, services, and products.

2. Colors Are Visualization; Visualization Is Key

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The color palette is highly important for your brand since it will motivate a customer to buy something or leave the site immediately. No one can deny this since it’s a psychological thing that has been part of marketing for many years. People like visualization, and we aren’t even aware of it; our mind reacts to colors and wants something that will present the products to us in a straightforward way.

You should know that eCommerce web design companies with experience in this field will always pick colors that match your already existing logo colors, except in a case where the colors of your logo are really unattractive and need to change. An excellent idea is to pick complementary colors, meaning if you have greens in your logo, it’s wise to choose happier colors to complement each other.

Still, don’t forget that it all depends on your brand. For instance, if you sell flowers, you should go for brighter colors. If you sell coffee machines, you should go for brown, etc.

Also, different colors have different meanings:

  • Yellow – An attention grabber that represents happiness and joy.
  • Green – A cheerful color that’s easy to digest and represents harmony and freshness.
  • Red – Bold, but it represents passion and energy.
  • Purple – It symbolizes luxury and power.
  • Orange – Also bold, but it can grab a shopper’s attention if it isn’t overused. It’s also suitable for CTAs.
  • Blue – Calming and clean, no wonder Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are blue.
  • Black – Powerful and luxurious, but it also represents exclusivity, so it’s used mainly by high-end brands.
  • White – Also powerful, but it creates a sense of innocence and cleanliness, and it’s excellent for minimalistic sites.

What’s your color?

3. It’s Beneficial for Your SEO

Source: emeritus.org

Having a fantastic site design will also boost your SEO rankings significantly because different site design elements can make a massive impact on how you publish your content on your website. That’s why website design and search engine optimization are closely related since they affect how Google and other search engines will crawl and index your eCommerce website.

In addition, your code must be SEO-friendly since everything is in connection with today’s digital world of millions of websites. Website design practices affect SEO, while SEO affects your site ranking, which is crucial for attracting more and more new potential customers and keeping loyal ones loyal.

Therefore, a website design firm with experience working with eCommerce websites and SEO would be the perfect choice for your site. Furthermore, the one doesn’t work well without the other since having an ideal website design without implementing powerful SEO practices is pointless and vice versa.


Because no SEO would help if your site has a poor design, and not even the perfect website design can help without SEO strategies because the site won’t rank high, and no one would see it.

4. It Will Help You Stand Out From Everyone Else

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Last but not least, an excellent site design will help your eCommerce business stand out from the crowd, meaning you will stay ahead of your competitors, which is what every business fights for.

In essence, your website design reflects your eCommerce business and provides your products with the advantage of differentiating from all your main competitors. Standing out from the crowd is critical since there’s always a point when a potential customer is deciding whether to choose your store or someone else’s and if you have a fantastic site design, you’ll be their choice.

Most sites in one industry are almost the same, so the chance to be different hides here. Site design professionals can make your site different from all competitors and attract many potential buyers.

The only thing you have to do is to hire a website design company that knows how to work with eCommerce sites and let them do the work while you focus on other essential aspects of your business. This way, you are trying to do everything yourself, which isn’t possible and bad for your business.

Please stop wasting any more of your precious time and money on unsuccessful marketing practices and hire website design experts who will make your eCommerce website more attractive for shoppers than ever before!