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What Are The Common Mistakes People Make In Online Advertising?

by Dangula Bingula

Due to an increase in technological advancement, online advertising is observed to be more effective than local radio ads, billboards, cable network television ads, local newspapers, and consumer magazines.  However, like any marketing strategy, it is important to be careful when implementing it in the business.

In this article, we are sharing with you some common mistakes that you should avoid.

No Call to Action


For your advertisement to produce the desired effect, it is required that you should tell people what they need to do. You need to let customers know what you wish them to do. If you want people to consider your business over others then you need to incorporate the call to action in the business.

It will encourage users to click on your ad. It is the first step to buy the product or service. By having a concise, and distinct call to action, it is important to keep it throughout the ad. You can show it to your friends as well.

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No Post-Click Plan


Another mistake that businesses perform while implementing online marketing is to have a no post-click plan. If someone clicks on the advertisement, you are very close to making the sales.

Instead of sending clickers right to the home page, you should send them to a specific landing page that provides the same appearance, messaging, and other offers. Measure the post-click behavior of customers with the help of a Web analytics package. Measure how many clicks convert into sales, calls, leads, etc.

No Creative Testing

One of the reasons for the explosive development of online advertising is easy measurability. It is quite easy to find out how often a banner advertisement is clicked upon and to not use that important information to enhance your results.

At the time of making an online advertisement, do not make only one ad. Build around three to five advertisements with a variety of graphics, call to action, offer, and other factors.

Many businesses leave the ads after making it. It is important to run ads in rotation as well as monitor the results carefully. If one or more advertisements yields more clicks as compared to others, then it is required to ask the ad sales representative to assign the impressions only to the best performing ads.

Perform Social Media Marketing


Rich media advertisements are getting more and more varied because of their operation. If budget and time allow, then assess “rich media” versions of the advertisement. “Rich media” comprise all the innovative advertisement formats that include Flash, complex animation, video ads, audio ads, fly across the screen, and Pointroll, which are categorized as rich media. Try a rich media campaign.

Wasting money

Do not waste your money on ineffective advertisements. Business owners spend money to publicize services on websites that generate several distinctive hits but don’t draw customers to the businesses.

To save from this mistake, you need to track the efficiency of the advertising campaigns. Discontinue all those advertisements on the website that does not deliver superior quality sales leads that transform into business sales.

Paying for pop-ups


Pop-up ads aren’t impactful. In place of creating a positive effect on the business, they may even turn away the prospects. The increasing popularity, as well as effectiveness of pop-up hindering utilities, make purchasing pop-ups a losing plan.


If you send undesired emails, you may be sending SPAM emails, that can eventually harm the reputation of your business. As email marketing is a highly effective tool in the collection, so should be used properly. Make sure you market your business only to people who have subscribed to the mailings.

Overspend on copywriters

Website copywriting

Website copywriting isn’t rocket science. A smart and creative copywriter with ample fresh ideas can do a better job as compared to an expert writer. There is no dearth of young writers who looks forward to developing a work portfolio.

Favoring style over substance

Another mistake that most of the businesses make while performing digital marketing is that they give priority to the style in comparison to the substance. Internet marketing is an extreme case. Flash animation isn’t an alternative for telling something significant about the service or product.

Unattractive advertising


Nobody likes a boring and monotonous approach to marketing. The same uninteresting advertisement doesn’t improve your brand. It can even cause damage to the equity of the brand. However reputed and established your brand is, to gain maximum benefits of online marketing, you will need to include creative disparities on a theme.

Not utilizing all your online (and offline) opportunities

You should not “junk up” your newsletter or website with a lot of advertisements. It is required to strategically place your ads and promote them in the appropriate places to get the best outcome. Make sure you make utilization of page headers, footers, and other prime areas of the webpage. Advertise your products both offline as well as online.

Not being user-friendly


It is required that your website has to be user friendly and appealing to the eyes of the readers. It should not distract the users by flashing advertisements, impressive blocks of text, and other design faux-pas.

Poor placement

Poor placement of advertisements will prevent you from getting maximum results. Ensure your advertisement appears in the way it should, and where you want it to be, and when you wish it to run.



Having awareness about these digital marketing mistakes is very important. You can’t aim at a specific aspect of the campaign building and marketing efforts without paying proper attention to the others. Clear objectives, engaging content, and well-defined audience, at every phase of the advertising funnel are needed to create effective campaigns.